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  1. In-Game Name: Gasoline360 Usual Name: none Player ID: 76561198258907102 Type of Ban: Racism Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: [TFA] Gasoline360_perm_Rasicsm_Devil Your Story: Greetings, I was banned from the server in about 2-3 months ago in may. The reason exactly why i was banned is i was free roaming in one of the cities and suddenly i got kidnapped by a group of players, after that i was asked to sing somthing by the kidnappers for me to get released what I did was I sang one of the funny racist songs which really wasn't necessary to do and i got a perm ban for it. I waited a long time for the ban appeal because i knew i was wrong and there was no point to defend myself , i could have avoided what i did in so many ways but it happend, I am not here to self defence I am just here just for forgiveness and I apologize for the childish actions that i have made and i didn't mean to insult anybody or any race. with regards thanks. Evidence: Since this was a very old punishment the admin might have forgot about it, I can provide a video of the moment i was banned just to remmember. Additional Comments and Information:
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - [TFA] Gasoline

    In-Game Name: [TFA] Gasoline Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198258907102 Items Lost: Hello gentlemen, I bought a hummingbird heli from main rebel plus insurance for it. After the reset I might have forgot to sync data and I couldn't find it in my vehicle garage I spoke to an admin I was told to wait for another reset and see what happens unfortunately I still couldn't find it so I was told to make a comp request. I would kindly appreciate it if I get it back. Thanks :). Approximate Value of Lost Items: Hummingbird would be 150k plus insurance 25k. Total amount 175k Evidence: Unfortunately I Do not have any video or photos leading to any evidence since I only had the heli for 5 mins only I Apologize for that. Additional Comments and Information: