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  4. RDM Appeal - Coyote / coyote

    Appeal Denied.
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    Funny, I feel as though this is a decent response time. Appeal Denied.
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    Appeal Denied
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    We do not tolerate racism in any form in this community. Any further occurrences of racism will result in an unappealable permanent ban. Appeal Accepted.
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  11. Other Report - =AU= Kodiak or =AU= ACTrickshot

    Nowhere in the video provided does it show who destroyed the vehicle. Report Denied
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    What you and your friend were "joking" about is a serious topic and it should be common sense that you should not go around the server (or anywhere for that matter) saying things like that, it is completely unacceptable and that is why you were both permanently banned. Appeal Denied.
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    Appeal Denied.
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