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  1. Ban Expired. Taxi's are labeled TAXI on the vehicle so please try to be more aware of the vehicles before you attempt to rob them.
  2. Other Appeal - Arthur / Arthur - Denied

    Appeal Denied.
  3. Other Report - S3MAJHD - Resolved

  4. Racism Appeal - Satan / Satan

    As stated in your first Racism appeal any further actions of racism would result in the permanent ban being reinstated, and from looking into the names you choose to use when playing I do not feel as though your attitude will change.
  5. Racism Appeal - Satan / Satan

    Appeal Denied
  6. Combatlog Appeal - [SC-09] Client Side / Keith Fritz

    Appeal Accepted
  7. Racism Appeal - Juice / Juice

    Appeal Accepted. Any further occurrences of Racism will result in the original ban being re-instated.
  8. Blackfoot or kajman

    Lot's of flying time
  9. Blackfoot or kajman

    Blackfoot is faster
  10. Racism Appeal - [NnR] Satan / Satan - Denied

    As stated in your last appeal for Racism, any further actions of Racism would result in your ban being reinstated and you still decided to join the server with a racist name after that warning. Appeal Denied.
  11. hi

  12. Other Appeal - Dandy / Pure Dandy - Denied

    Appeal Denied. you may re-appeal in 2 weeks.
  13. Rick Mctavish / Rick McTavish - 25 - APD Application

    Your application has been Denied for the following reason(s): Failure to meet playtime requirement. You must play for more than 2 weeks on our server before applying. You first joined today. Thank you for your interest in the APD. You may reapply on or after 9/26/2017. If you believe this is in error, please contact us in TeamSpeak. For questions regarding your denial, please seek assistance from any member of APD Command Staff in the TeamSpeak or on the forums.
  14. This is why the Altis Government is failing

    It was a strong tree.