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  1. How good of a cop am I?

    It's meant to contain your soul
  2. How good of a cop am I?

  3. How good of a cop am I?

    I have no clue who the fuck you are therefore I have come to this conclusion... T R A S H
  4. Los Zetas Cartel (Recruiting)

    exactly, I meaaannnnnn. If u wanna do some F E D E R A L R E S E R V E S im pretty d o w n
  5. Los Zetas Cartel (Recruiting)

    It is a mafia, but idk if I'm gonna go thru with it considering I only have 1.5 mil and like 1 other person to start a gang with. I got the idea as soon as I saw the vans lol
  6. Los Zetas Cartel (Recruiting)

    I have an idea for a gang that is not a south American cartel
  7. Cartel De Sinaloa Recruitment (Open)

    holy shit where did you make that logo
  8. Force Operation X Recruitment (Open)

    can I have like 2 mil. I want some p u s i and c o c a i n e
  9. Montage #3

    Only gripe, music quiet as fuck. I want Big Sean in my ear if you catch my drift
  10. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House - Closed

  11. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House - Closed

    friday is the 6th you goofy goober
  12. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House - Closed

    250K? Idk Im poor
  13. seels