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  1. We need Communism

  2. Im back

    You missed a few comp or bans there and here, the usual
  3. What happened is one of the people there asked me what happens if I shoot in the green zone, I, therefore, said you get banned. Then the autism I do not recall saying anything about it, could you post your evidence on it so I can see it.
  4. Show were we harassed and mocked players because I'm sure we did not do that. There were only like 4 minutes left when [KK] bob teh buuldr decided to make the roadblock, and yes I agreed it was foolish but the server was about to restart no one was meant to actually drive down the road. when the cars hit I left my SUV where it was since it was on the sidewalk. bob teh buuldr then went to move the quad bike back in its position I told him not to since something like this was bound to happen.
  5. Due to the murder of one of our MI6 agents on Altis from a rebel, we will be sending agents to eliminate any rebels on sight, we will also be assisting the APD in any way if they grant us permission, this action has been ordered by Alex Younger leader of MI6
  6. When you used the flash-bang at 2:20 I didn't see it and when I came around the corner it went off and at that moment I knew I fucked up