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  1. Yeah I'm the same way
  2. Did you hear he is going to back to jail?
  3. im not saying he is bad, im just pointing out how he contradicted himself.
  4. @Monkey Wang honestly I think this is the best arma 3 montage that I've ever seen. There are also some great KOTH jet and tank montages out there. I like this one a lot. https://youtu.be/n3ElJi_c15U
  5. A lot of videos on the forums have this intro I made in them. I've given it out to anyone who wants it and it's available on one of my YouTube channels. I've heard that complaint constantly from people.
  6. Not to put you on blast my dude but this is literally the first clip of your 13th montage: https://youtu.be/dYIMZ2vzTEk?t=2s Btw to anyone who comes onto this post to talk shit about tfa's video just remember that rebels complain constantly on how the only gang to fight on easy's is the cops. Then when a gang starts to become relevant they shit talk them. If you want rebel gangs to actually fight against just show them some respect. Sure it wasnt the best montage but usually the first montage anyone puts out is not the best. Montages are made for fun so lets just keep stuff positive or at least constructive criticism like with what @Keith Fritz said
  7. Something about the EMS

    Badger is the best, better than the rest.
  8. [Event] Image Hunting

    Really cool event!
  9. future of AUPD

    That explains the hmg
  10. future of AUPD

    pretty sure its supposed to 1up this post
  11. Man i totally forgot about the type115. Such a great weapon and it feels great to fire. I still like the mk1 and mk18 better because I prefer the higher damage when fighting people with armor 4 and 5 vests. If I had to pick a 6.5 I would choose the type115 over the mx any day.
  12. Little Montage

    Amazing music