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  1. Selling cop vest

  2. Selling cop vest

    Thought intervals had to be larger than 50k? 50,002
  3. Selling cop vest

  4. Gear Comp Request - Tyler Bravo

    In-Game Name: Tyler Bravo Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198110349628 Items Lost: AKS-74U 40 k 7 5.45mm Magazines 800 per mag Pistol .45ACP 1200 Clothing 3000 Vest Level 3 15,000 Helmet 25,000 Backpack 1000 ------------------------------------------------- Mask 10 ,000 It was the bandana aviator - To be honest, I have no clue if that is the correct price, I believe it's right around 10k. Approximate Value of Lost Items: 100,000 Evidence: *Evidence hidden on request* -Chronos Additional Comments and Information:
  5. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Peyton Keener, The Spook Your In-Game Name: Tyler Bravo Situation: Peyton Keener requested help through side chat. He claimed he was zip-tied at Police Checkpoint 1. I go over there and see him inside a red offroad, they seemed to attempt to turn into me, although they did stop, and I was forced to avoid them, almost going offroad into obstacles. I kept driving, and when I turned around they were stopped, and they got out. After a minute or two they opened fire on me, ultimately killing me, with no initiation. Why Should the Player be Banned? Disregard for server rules Evidence: *Evidence hidden on request* -Chronos Additional Comments and Information: Approx 3:30AM EST 12/10/2017
  6. Selling GZ Kavala house

    People get houses in Kavala cause rebel license makes it so you can't spawn there. And gz houses means players can't rob you, so its great.
  7. Why Jail times should be changed

  8. Tyler9400 - 17 - CA App

    This will be the final post I make in regards to these accusations and negative comments. Since I was removed from the APD, I have not been on the server more than once I do not believe, and these accusations derive from me supposedly doing things while on as a civilian. I'm unsure if anyone else has been using the name Tyler Bravo, but I'd love for an admin to confirm my playtime, as I've been busy with finals, and all of a sudden I am getting an overwhelming amount of negative comments from a single gang, that seems to be banding together to put a negative outlook on my CA Application. I am not racist, I have no problems with high pitched voices so I'm unsure where that came from, as far as it goes for getting angry? Yeah I'm sure while on as rebel if I ever went to Arms and got killed by someone camping it, I was frustrated, but I don't think that deserves a negative comment, as that is not what is in question. We all have our opinions, and we are allowed to, feel free to say what you please, but do not make accusations that you can not back up with proof.
  9. Tyler9400 - 17 - CA App

    I appreciate the feedback - But I don't have NG's teamspeak, so you are mistaken. I'd love to talk further about this though cause your the second person to say this, and I am quite confused.
  10. Tyler9400 - 17 - CA App

    Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Selling Toast Hat - Closed

  12. Selling Toast Hat - Closed

    Increase by 50k? You greedy fuck. Ill give 1mil. If someone surpasses bring mine to 1.3
  13. Selling Toast Hat - Closed

    500 dollars its a hat. a hat hat a t
  14. Selling Toast Hat - Closed

    I'll give you like 500 for it
  15. Tyler9400 - 17 - CA App

    Thank you!