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  1. Dear People, I had lot's of fun playing on your server and I am really thankful for the good times, especially in the EMS with great people like @Badger, Whiskers and many others. Big thanks also goes out to Officer @Lancewhich made me laugh so hard with lot's of amazing roleplay after I did something bad as rebel. I've got 2 reasons for my goodbey, the time diffrence is hard (I play on an empty server in the evening from Amsterdam Holland) and secondly the lag/timeout is really bad sometimes and it becomes unplayable. I started playing on an EU server again and there is much more todo during my peak hours en there is no lag. So with pain in my heart I will say goodbye for now ! thank you all for a wonderful time !!
  2. "Exploiting" direct chat initiation

    Any other players who are willing to share there thoughts about this topic ?
  3. Good mic for PC

    If it's for the purpose of playing this game and you don't already have a headphone/headset I would not buy a seperate mic at all. You can make yourself perfectly understandable with a good gaming headset way below your price range. Since your name is pretty Dutch I would recommend: https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/530805/kingston-hyperx-cloud-revolver.html or https://nl.hardware.info/product/340261/corsair-void-surround-hybrid
  4. Good mic for PC

    For which purpose?
  5. Server Issue Comp Request - MrCaBLeGuY

    Oh wait it's insured, the 25k i don't need, please delete the topic
  6. In-Game Name: MrCaBLeGuY Request Type: Server Issue Player ID: 76561198378210093 Items Lost: 1 x Hummbird Approximate Value of Lost Items: 300k Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: Uhm ... that does not seem to work properly
  7. Racism Report - Jake Fehervar

    Report Type: Racism Player In-Game Name: Jake Fehervar Your In-Game Name: [PTO] mrmartin Situation: help chat Why Should the Player be Banned? strong language Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  8. @Devil @[email protected] @Coby Dear Staff, Dear Admins, Dear Players, First of all a good day to you all. This night I was initiated by direct chat "mrmartin hands up 5 sec" and killed after 12/13 seconds. So it was fully according to the rules. So how is this exploiting ?: Well to start with, the player who initiated has a headset/microphone. With lot's of civs on and the Help chat (sidechat) being very busy it's hard or even impossible to see the message (it's scrolls to quickly and it's gone due to lot's of messages or notifications). So I consider it exploiting to give yourself a really unfair advantage. It's pretty sad (to put it mildly) to exploit yourself like this into an advantage. The rule in general: In General, this is the first time it happened to me but the player who did it will use this "exploit" more often ofcourse, I think the rule of direct chat initiation is kind of not great (again puttng it mildly ). Next to to busy side chat, when you are in a hostile area and someone searches a position where you cant see him/her and the player involved is concentrating on scouting out the area looking trough a scope/binocular you are concentraded on the part of the screen and don't pay attention to the bottom left corner. When you sit in front of a large monitor with a high resolution it does isn't noticeable. When you are in a situation or evening concentrating on something else do all of you cover the side chat ? I don't. So I dislike the rule how it currently affects players. Possible solutions: It's an RP server, in my humble opinion I think you should not join without a headset. I love to roleplay and have lot's of fun especially as a medic. But I will not start roleplaying over a chat function. If I want to chat I will install ICQ again (for the readers who are younger MSN. For the readers who are even younger SnapChat ? -i've skipped snapchat, getting to old for that stuff ) Any how the solutions. Remove the rule, when you join without a mic you can play but not initiatie on other players. A Minimal message length and all caps (still doesn't rosolve a lot but's its more lickely you notice) Direct chat can only be used in combintion with support of ALT - 1 (alt 1 first, direct chat then). This way people without a mic are able to participate in engaging people and people with a mic are not able to exploit the rule by gaining unfair advantage. SQF Programming > Move the direct chat to another location on your screen (like center horizontal / 20% off top/bottom vertical) Thanks for your attention and considering to implement any improvement to take away really unfair advantages. Kind regards, MrMartin
  9. The Valid Roleplay Devices and Usages contains: You are included in the roleplay if you are in a group with a player initiated on within 100m and within visual range. 1. The situation: I was in the area, within 20 meters, of an active robbery (player iniated on a group of players with "All of you put your hans up, put your hands up"). From that distance and in nighttime you are after that event not able to identify who initiated. You are included in the RP becuase of the 100m rule, so I myself while in a an advantage can (gun wasn't like pointed at my back, then of course i would comply straigt away) protect myself. But I'm not able to identify the iniatial agressor. Who a that time can you engage/shoot ? (to simplefy, can you shoot everyone involded or only the one who iniated, and if this case fall back if you cant identify him) 2. The rules don't state when you need to comply. I consider it kind of fail rp when I'm in a big advantage (like standing behind the person, or have my gun aimed at a person who is unarmed or has gun on his back). So are you in NEED to comply, and if so underneath which circumstances, or are you always allowed to ignore it and walk of, get your gun out, etc.
  10. 5/29/17 - Small Patch

    @s1k I like the new fishing prices, they are more realistic. I would like to suggest to up the Tuna price, I know there isn't a diffrence between Yellow and Blue fin tuna but since they are blue (underwater) they are blue fin tuna and the real life prices are 10.000 + per tuna. For now it starts at 4k, currenly 5k. We don't need a price like this but somewere arround 15k would be realistic. Now it's not really a rewarding idea to put on wet suits and fish for specific fish, with a high tuna price this will be a great option (suit up in diving gear and look for tuna). Swim back to your boat, store it, and go back catching tuna. Thanks for considering this option.
  11. 5/29/17 - Small Patch

    Things happen Thanks you so much for the fix !
  12. 5/29/17 - Small Patch

    Are the other fishmarkets working?
  13. Other Comp Request - [PTO] mrmartin

    CORRECTION zamak was insured, so -400K Prt screen becuase it looks great picture upload