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  1. Bullying and My "Open Door Policy"

    Real talk right now for me. So my now GF was insulted by her ex because she had her hair up, and that shit pisses me off because i hate bullies so damn much, and when i met her she was in such a dark place in life and i come and helped her become happy again, but what makes it worse is that he consistently did the same thing almost everyday and she still gave him multiple chances. He also forcefully made out with one of my friends which is complete fucking ideocity. Point being if you see someone who is in a dark place help them out as much as you can, even if you've never talked to them. *sorry if i went on a small rant *
  2. Game Help

    The thing is I don’t have anything that touches my keyboard, only though gn is the Logitech controls thing
  3. Game Help

    so i haven't been able to play some games like rimworld, Minecraft, Prison Architect, ex. i have to hold down Left CTRL in order to do anything, i dont know why so if you can please help.
  4. Kevin Gates - Neon Lights, 100th post!

    i like Kno One
  5. Want some free wallpapers from me? - @flawivus

    Oh okay. But still great art
  6. Want some free wallpapers from me? - @flawivus

    @Blue thats amazing, do you make people art for free?
  7. when do you think the modded server is coming?

    what? i dont think @s1k is making a modded server.
  8. Want some free wallpapers from me? - @flawivus

    @Blue did you make them yourself?
  9. Roleplay Montage #69 (Gone wrong) (Gone Sexual)

    says i cant watch it in my country @Joshua
  10. Jackson Frank - 16 - CA App

    why do you say that? i honestly dont know why
  11. Broken? Gaming Mouse

    thank it works now.
  12. Broken? Gaming Mouse

  13. Broken? Gaming Mouse

    @Joshua its a wireless mouse but i dont know how to exactly change the battery because i dont see anyway to get to the battery area. but now the mouse doesn't work at all, ive charged it all day and it wont do anything. it used to work fine but couldn't play many games with it.