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  1. Issues and Fixes for current Server Status.

    I highly agree with this ^. There are at least a few people in the Community that have experience coding, me not being one of them, that could help. It'd take a lot of weight off s1k's shoulders, and allow him to tend to real life while other people are keeping updates/patches rolling. Even having 1 other person that has full access to the server would make it that something is happening instead of nothing when s1k has other stuff to do.
  2. VDM Report - Bones - Resolved

    We only require 5 minutes for RDM videos. VDM isn't allowed whether you're initiated on or not.
  3. Got An Idea

    The way the server is setup you are only able to have 1 character as a civilian. The only way to have more than one character is to be either medic or APD, since they both have individual bank accounts, etc. You are able to make different profiles through Arma so that you can have presets for different names, skins, and so on, but otherwise, you are only able to have 1 account on the server. I doubt it will be changed. What you could do is have an alter ego with a different name that you'd do other things on, besides being NATO.
  4. Other Appeal - Golden Jay / Golden Jay - Denied

    Withdrawn on request. Moved to Denied.
  5. game problem

    Have you tried verifying your Arma 3 game files? Seems since you reinstalled it it's really been acting up, which makes me think something's messed up with the game itself, and may not necessarily be the server.
  6. Gear Comp Request - Johny Bo

    Your video is unavailable. Please fix the issue, or else your report will end up Denied without evidence.
  7. game problem

    Do you know what the kick message is? Did you attempt to join during one restart? Occasionally infistar messes up and kicks you when you attempt to join for an entire restart, but usually gets fixed once the server restarts.
  8. Exploiting / Glitching Appeal - [ARC]Ed / Ed

    Your appeal is Accepted and you should either be unbanned now, or very soon. No need to make another appeal.
  9. VDM Report - [TAC] Big Mac [TAC] Nikolai Kuznestov

    Just as an aside, remember two wrongs don't make a right.
  10. VDM Report - [NG] Elias - Denied

    Report Withdrawn. Moved to Denied.
  11. Rainbow Six Seige Kill Montage

    Hey there's me @ 2:42! Am I famous now?
  12. A peace offering

  13. Exploiting / Glitching Appeal - [FOA] Shoblerone / shoblerone

    Just a heads up, in reference to your comment on not being aware that glitching money will entail a permanent ban, here's an excerpt from the server rules: Exploiting, hacking, cheating and money hackers are logged and will be PERMANENTLY BANNED.
  14. Vehicle Comp Request - knif jones

    Request withdrawn. Vehicle was insured, and was returned after restart.