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  1. [EVENT] Image Hunting 8

  2. [EVENT] Image Hunting 8

  3. VDM Report - [2-01] Chris - Resolved

    Resolved. Report withdrawn.
  4. Fail Roleplay Report - [BIC] Bobandy Randy - Withdrawn

    Report withdrawn at request of submitter
  5. RDM Report - Alexander Reznikov - Resolved

    Evidence Provided Awaiting Review
  6. RDM Report - Jordan Jay - Resolved

    Evidence Provided Awaiting Review
  7. Collections Request

    Thank you for filing your invoice. We do have a paperwork fee for all entities. Please pay the fee in full or we will request a chargeback of our payment.
  8. Exploiting / Glitching Report - [TFA] creed - Denied

    Report withdrawn upon request
  9. RDM Report - Thump - Resolved.

    Evidence provided Awaiting review
  10. Gear Comp Request - =AU= Kodiak - Resolved

    Evidence Provided Awaiting Review
  11. APD Fuckery

    Looked like you were shooting at him bud
  12. Aliens real? Or just a crackpot?

    Interesting reading somewhat related: https://waitbutwhy.com/2014/05/fermi-paradox.html
  13. So this is why I can't join those DND channels https://media.giphy.com/media/27ooLubbh0pG/giphy.gif
  14. Batmans Resignation

    Batman my dude, it's been great having you around! Thanks for all the kind words you've given me during the time you were here. Wish you the best in the future.
  15. Dusty's Resignation Notice/Appreciation Post

    --- In all seriousness I'll miss you tons Dusty. You are one of the friendliest guys here, and I enjoyed the short 4 months I've been here with you. Hope to see you again