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      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/

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    Absolutely! Feel free to throw it into an imgur album, and if you want captions, add it to the imgur description.
  14. OFFICIAL: Kavala Times - Issue #1

    If you like what you see and think you may be interested in contributing, applications are still open https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-hVGzIyZE00kqcAcVnkz5aQHF1Sle4aGNEGwo7rcZRI/edit?usp=drivesdk You can also contribute publicly to the times without joining through use of our public submission form. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15t_3fi2wO2sgdc6VTZ-ZmJtY0FgK1UQbtbg_2Uz2IFE/edit?usp=drivesdk
  15. The Kavala Times A Survey of Public Opinion on the APD Oct 6, 2017 - Diovin Twigg Disclaimer: It is important to remember that all that is said below is done within roleplay. The intention of this survey was not to gather information on the effectiveness of the APD command or the APD as an organization. Rather, the purpose of this survey was to gather a poll of the roleplay opinions of the APD on the island. In the interest of seeing what the public opinion of the island’s police force is, I decided to go around and survey a few groups here on Altis. It was important for the study to gather data from all different types of people so each demographic on the Island was surveyed independently. Ten people were selected from each demographic group. APD and EMS personnel were sampled using an SRS method. If a sampled member was not available at the time of the surveying, then they were skipped and another was selected. Major Gangs and Minor Gangs/Civs were sampled using a convenience sample of people available at the time of the survey. The survey was short and sweet with only a few questions. Every person was asked each of the following: “What is your affiliation?: APD, EMS, Major Gang, Minor Gang/Civilian” “Do you feel that the APD provides adequate services to the island?” “Do you feel as though the APD properly handles situations in general?” “What do you feel the APD could improve on?” All groups except for APD were also asked if they believed that the APD in its current state treated them fairly. Members of the APD were not asked this question in order to avoid internal conflict, and any responses to this question received before it was removed from the survey were thrown out. All results collected from the survey were anonymous. The only identifying data collected was group affiliation. Here we can see an interesting trend. Government employees tend to believe that the APD does indeed provide adequate services; however, the private citizens are more inclined to say that it does not provide adequate services. Private citizens commonly said the APD could improve on responding to more situations and responding to them faster. The trend of government employees siding with the government continues for the next question. However there is no difference between minor and major gang members, where previously, there was some variance between the two. Generally people did not provide much feedback to improve here, although a few did say that more restrictions on weapons or better training could help in handling situations. For the final question the idea was to see whether or the population believes that the APD treats them fairly. Again the EMS generally sides with APD, the only major conflict that was brought up during the survey is that the APD treats the EMS poorly by not doing their job and impounding vehicles. When polling major gangs and other civs, responses varied greatly. Some people were inclined to say yes because “they give us free gear.” However, some said no because they feel that the APD is too quick to use lethal, and sometimes military like force. The results give insight to the opinions of the island’s populus, and there is always room for improvement on both ends of the spectrum. The most unique response to how the APD could improve was to “have someone focus on good interactions with civs.” I’d like to thank all that participated in the surveys and gave their responses, and I hope that there are others out there that find data like this interesting. Feel free to contact Diovin Twigg with ideas for future surveys. More guns - more problems October 6, 2017- Pasky Kavala- the capital of Altis, home to great sights and lovely beaches. Although it has such great features, unfortunately Kavala is recorded the 5th most dangerous capital in the world. 90% of that is manslaughter and gang related crimes. Would you want to live in a city polluted with crime? Most of the city's population try and make a living whether it be fishing or voluntary firefighting.I spoke with a local fisherman and I asked him “do you carry a firearm with you at all times? His response was,“I have to, I’m trying to make a living out here and this town is corrupted with gangs. At the end of the day it’s kill or be killed.”Even a innocent fisherman has to carry a firearm; they’re just trying to feed their family At the end of the day he has to think that every day could be his last. No human should live like that. The police force is just as bad, they have helicopters armed with Rockets and miniguns and a armoured vehicle with a 50.cal machine gun mounted on top. To me this sounds like a military organisation not a local police force. I spoke to a member of the local police force and asked “Is using heavy armed vehicles needed to take out local gangs?” He said, ”It gets to a certain point where we have no choice. We almost have to use more drastic action to take out the local gangs because of what they have access to.“ The only way Kavala could ever be normal is for stricter gun laws to happen, and for the police to stop acting so bloodthirsty. The way it's heading is irreversible and will only get worse. "The death machine" 10/5/2017 This helicopter is armed with DARS and two 7.62 miniguns, the police use this to counter armed vehicles which gangs use. - This photo was provided by one of officers at Kavala police station. Two Sides of Altis October 7, 2017 - Capt. Buckner Throughout my adventures in Altis, I have encountered many many characters. Most of my fondest memories and encounters happened right in the Heart of Altis, Kavala. I constantly spend my time in this gorgeous city because new things are always happening. For a while, I couldn't always be in the city, but still wanted to keep up to date. Now that I can, I feel and sympathize for the ones that can't. First thing I did was look for the next up and coming gang: FOX. Interviewee: Jaster Gang Name: Force Operation X (FOX) # Of members at time of interview: 10 What is the Purpose of gang/organization: The overall purpose of FOX is to have fun, roleplay, and be a dominant group on the island What things do you not like to do, what doesn’t represent you? “We don't fuck with people, we don't try to ruin people's day for no reason.” What is your story? “I came to Altis as a young adult with AAF, and chose to stay. I started as a young rebel and jumped from gang to gang. I eventually joined the police, and when that didn't go as smoothly as expected, I started my own group, and here we are.” One word to describe your gang? “Loyal. A group of loyal members is all I could ask for.” Describe a time your gang failed. How did you improve on that situation? “One thing we want to be known for is our success on robbing the federal reserve. We usually have a 75% success rate. Early on I acted too strict and too hard on them. That caused them to leave and that made me reevaluate my actions as a leader.” What do you look for in fellow gang members? “Like I said, loyalty is the biggest one, ambition to make money, and they ability to fly, drive, shoot, etc. How do you determine how has leadership qualities for your gang? What do you look for? “Looking for maturity and someone people look up too. Respect is critical in a gang and if you don't respect your leaders the gang just won't function the way it needs too.” What would you do if you made an important business decision and an equally ranked member challenged it? “It would depend on the situation. I would have the final say but we would probably take a vote with the lower ranking gang members” What if you made an important decision and multiple lower ranking members challenge it? “In the heat of the moment they will follow my command. If it ends up being a bad call, we will handle it later, until then, they follow me.” What is your greatest fear of what could happen to you or your organization? “That I won't be able to continue it; that I won't have time to be a leader of the group, and I fear people leaving the gang as well.” What is your gangs relationship with the APD? “Our relationship is neutral, we aren't enemies or allies.” I also interviewed one of the newest recruits of the APD at the time of this interview, and this is what he had to say. Name: Ace Thompson Rank: Cadet Some interview questions were removed at discretion of Kavala Times executive board Describe your experience with the APD so far: “It’s been wild man, they have been nice. Welcomed me with open arms.” How do you feel about your higher ranking officers? “I look up and respect them. They joke around but are serious when they need to be and get the job done.” If you could change one thing about the Altis Police Department what would it be? “The paint job of the cars; they are hideous.” What is your opinion of the Kavala Square parking dilemma? Should it be available to all or government officials only? “I think it should be government only. It allows for a quicker response time while civilians don't really have a need for it.” Casually or Casualties? October 12, 2017 - Trident Recently, throughout Kavala rebels have been raising funds and buying military armory in order to clear areas easier. Rebels say they gain their money to fund this chaos primarily from robbing gold convoys. Some of the vehicles they say they are buying that are necessary for them to have are: Striders, Ifrits, armed Hellcats, and minigun Orcas. I asked some rebels where they purchased their vehicles from, and they said that they purchased them from an anonymous vehicle seller. This says that the future of Altis is going to be heavily reliant on armed vehicles and heavy weapons to counter these military vehicles. The government may raise taxes in order to fund money to purchase more weapons to protect the citizens. As shown below, an armed hellcat is blowing up an arms dealer and eliminating people trying to get hands on the advanced weapons. Is this good or bad? Stay tuned for more. "Barrage" 10/02/2017 A rebel is strafing a weapons deal in order to keep guns out of the wrong hands. The Whoom - Grow Ops October 18, 2017 - Buford T. Justice Altis is a land where many things can happen. You can make millions in one night, or go to the lottery and strike it rich. You can become a drug lord, or run a ruthless gang that terrorizes the Altis Government and makes any normal civilian scared to even go into town. Among other things, Altis is the place where dreams can be made and fortunes earned. But with the rebels recently having learned to grow drugs themselves, one must ask - is it worth it? It’s definitely an exciting new way to go against the law and make a quick buck, but is it really a career maker? It’s definitely something someone can do if they need cash and don’t have time to drive all over the place, but if you’re really out there to make money, there are better ways to go about it. Most people simply do not have time to sit there and tend their produce while constantly watching for law enforcement, or even worse, rebels looking to steal your work. Despite it being great excitement, or maybe just a pastime, it would be much more intriguing to go out and make a ton of cash. In an place where there simply isn’t time for enjoyment, everyone needs to make every minute count. The New Era October 29, 2017 - Randy BoBandy During the past few days we have received a new head of the APD. Our beloved Chief Barbosa has stepped down from his position and has given the reins to DuckHunter. Barbosa was quoted saying “I have made the decision to step down as Chief as I no longer have the time to dedicate to running the APD”. With Duck being the new Chief, we look forward to him bringing fun and exciting changes to the department. "Duck’s Promotion" 10/26/2017 This picture was taken the first day Duck was on patrol as Chief. He led his fellow officers onto the illustrious quad patrol. Photo Credits: Coby