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  1. Vehicle Comp Request - Stoger1

    Ok, thanks
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - Stoger1

    In-Game Name: Stoger1 Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198352192766 Items Lost: -GhostHawk Helicopter -Hummingbird Helicopter Approximate Value of Lost Items: ~3,000,000 Unfortunately I do not ever record my gameplay on this server or any server but last night around 12 EST I spawned in with one other guy on the server at the Rebel Aircraft Carrier to get to the shipwreck event, when I found out that I needed a boating license to get a boat I decided to spawn in my GhostHawk but it wouldn't show up, so then I spawned in my Humming Bird but nothing showed up until I heard it drop into the water behind me did I realise they were not spawning on the deck but in the ocean. I never asked for anything on this server but now I have no money and neither of my vehicles spawned in were insured so I have no means of flying as a mode of transportation. If just these two vehicles could be comped for however much they were worth I would greatly appreciate it considering it was a bug and not an event I could stop from occurring. Thanks -Stoger1 Additional Comments and Information: If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to let me know.
  3. I spawned both my helicopters on the Rebel Aircraft Carrier (HummingBird and GhostHawk) and they both were both spawned in the water and destroyed, I now have no means of air travel and was wondering if there are anyways for me to get them back or receive comp from the server due to this being a glitch and clear not my own fault. Thank you for reading my game name is still Stoger1.