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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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  1. Vehicle Comp Request - Stoger1

    Ok, thanks
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - Stoger1

    In-Game Name: Stoger1 Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198352192766 Items Lost: -GhostHawk Helicopter -Hummingbird Helicopter Approximate Value of Lost Items: ~3,000,000 Unfortunately I do not ever record my gameplay on this server or any server but last night around 12 EST I spawned in with one other guy on the server at the Rebel Aircraft Carrier to get to the shipwreck event, when I found out that I needed a boating license to get a boat I decided to spawn in my GhostHawk but it wouldn't show up, so then I spawned in my Humming Bird but nothing showed up until I heard it drop into the water behind me did I realise they were not spawning on the deck but in the ocean. I never asked for anything on this server but now I have no money and neither of my vehicles spawned in were insured so I have no means of flying as a mode of transportation. If just these two vehicles could be comped for however much they were worth I would greatly appreciate it considering it was a bug and not an event I could stop from occurring. Thanks -Stoger1 Additional Comments and Information: If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to let me know.
  3. I spawned both my helicopters on the Rebel Aircraft Carrier (HummingBird and GhostHawk) and they both were both spawned in the water and destroyed, I now have no means of air travel and was wondering if there are anyways for me to get them back or receive comp from the server due to this being a glitch and clear not my own fault. Thank you for reading my game name is still Stoger1.
  4. In-Game Name: Stoger1 Cop Name: Trey Your Age: 16 Do You Have a Microphone? No Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a Cop on Another Server? Yes, I played as a cop once on another server that was recently shut down due to the owner's unfortunate financial situation and loss of a best friend, which is why I am moving to this server in hopes of a new career in the Law Enforcement Sector. Server Name: Carnivals (Can't exactly check because it shut down.) Examples: Mostly basics such as patrol, traffic stops, and the occasional Store Robbery Stops. Are You Able To Deal With Stressful Situations? In my past events I have had to deal with a few stressful situation when it came to usual Store Robberies such as risking friends or myself or having to navigate at high speeds through residential areas to stop speeders from escaping. Besides that I tended to stay a little low when it came to the major things but I feel as if I am qualified to handle most of the stressful situations that I may come across on this server. Why Do You Want To Join The APD? I would like to join the APD to protect its many civilians that have to deal with crime that runs rampant everyday when there are few to no cops on the server, I feel as if they are there to just go out with there lives and this is the last thing they should have to deal with when they are trying to enjoy themselves on this fine server. I also noticed much unwanted crime in the Kavela Square that should not go unnoticed and I will make it my duty to put a stop to. They are my main reasons for wanting to join the APD and protect the people of Easy's Altis. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I feel as if I would make a willing recruit to this fine organization and that adding me to the streets of Altis will make a significant result on the crime rate that I feel is way too high in the outer regions of our safe city's. I have the experience, willpower, and morale to fight the crime of this Island. I hope to hear back from one of my future superiors with good news on my application. -Thank you for your time- Additional Comments and Information: Note: As for the mic if I become accepted it will make it one of my primary goals to save up and get a new one from my previously broken one. Thanks You for Your Time Sincerely, Stoger1 or Trey