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  1. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: -IS- Scrimmity Your In-Game Name: [BTB] The Spud Situation: Capturing eastern old rig, can hear scrimmity landing their helicopter, about a minute later hear rotor powering down and am shot without any engagement. Player later claims "gang activity is KOS". Me, and a few other people in Help channel confirm for Scrimmity that it is red zones that are KOS, and unless it involves roleplay, the activity does not create a KOS situation. Scrimmity later seems to acknowledge they broke the rules, and asks how much a Comp would be. I offer them a number (150k for gear, and 150k for lost northern oil rig income with 4 ticks remaining). Scrimmity then goes silent after I wait 10 minutes for a reply. Why Should the Player be Banned? It was not a tense situation, and clearly nowhere near a red zone. Scrimmity had the clear intent to simply kill me and claim the capture, with complete disregard for any form of RP. Their acknowledgement that they broke the rules did not come with any indication that they cared. Evidence: At the start you can hear the helicopter landing, with nothing said in chat. The situation does not include his ability to have sent me a text message before hand. He is later informed he broke the rules, and defends it by claiming it was KoS zone. I wait about 10 minutes for a further reply before logging off. Additional Comments and Information:
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - [PGsU]The Spud

    if this is just in permanent limbo it can be deleted, a 300k request isn't worth stuffing up the board
  3. House Comp Request - [PGsU]The Spud

    Yes, the server had gone through at least 1 restart.
  4. House Comp Request - [PGsU]The Spud

    The house was not wiped, I still own it. I can't remember too clearly anymore so i'm not sure, but I believe it was much earlier in the day (morning) that I purchased everything, then the evening that I noticed it missing.
  5. In-Game Name: [PGsU]The Spud Request Type: House Comp Request Player ID: 76561198037491236 Items Lost: Storage Box x5 ghillie suits Multiple scopes Multiple guns Approximate Value of Lost Items: 4.5 million Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I thought at first I had simply been robbed, which, fine. However I'm sure i've read somewhere that storage boxes can't be stolen, and it's dissapeared as well, leading me to believe it's a glitch and not theft? I had spent an hour this morning buying the house and crate, and ferrying items from the Arms Dealer to the house.
  6. Vehicle Comp Request - [PGsU]The Spud

    I have 1 "rebel digital" in my garage. I bought a replacement after the server restart yesterday when my original one did not return. This 2nd one I crashed into the ground last night, after I followed the suggestion that you store the helicopter after buying the insurance.
  7. In-Game Name: [PGsU]The Spud Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198037491236 Items Lost: Gorilla Hummingbird Approximate Value of Lost Items: 325,000 Evidence: No video/picture evidence. Additional Comments and Information: Purchased a gorilla hummingbird, 300k and insurance for it, 25k. Immediately took off and did some good old gorilla warfare. Just before getting off, attempted a (failed) loop. Came back after server restart and noticed there was no hummingbird in my garage, when I asked in chat someone responded saying that you should put the vehicle back in the garage after buying insurance.
  8. Vehicle Comp Request - [PGsU]The Spud

    I was landing my hummingbird near Kavala to go use an ATM after doing a lumber run. When I was a few feet away from the ground I was ejected and the hummingbird just disappeared. Screenshot is a picture of where I had almost landed my helicopter a few seconds before. It was insured, but it did not appear back in a helicopter garage.
  9. In-Game Name: [PGsU]The Spud Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198037491236 Items Lost: Hummingbird 3/4 tank of gas my legs Approximate Value of Lost Items: 150,000 Evidence: My genuine befuddlement http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960803901 Additional Comments and Information: Any chance hitting transfer instead of withdraw is a valid reason to request comp?