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  1. Other Appeal - BackwoodJack / BackwoodJack

    @BackwoodJack you've been unbanned, sorry for the inconvenience - and of course thanks for playing on the server bud!
  2. @Nick N First off there is no "argument" here. Secondly, With the above comments, you clearly intended to make a point that a feature you want needs to be added cause "the community wants it" - and why wouldn't i add this new capture system... This has been said it's in the next patch publicly several times, that is exactly whats getting added, and here you are acting like there's some issue lol. Sorry to knock you off of your soap box, reading my whole post would have (or at least should have, lol) prevented all of this. Thanks for playing on the server! -s1k`
  3. @Nick N You did see i said that these ideas are already underway right?, or did you just want to be a cuck and make it seem like "i don't listen to the community" and "wont add your idea"? try reading the whole post and not TLDR'ing and making yourself look like an ass.
  4. No that wasn't us. that "gits" server was the worst. Literally full of hackers and they had "no rules". I played there and facepalmed immediately, lol. <3.
  5. These are fantastic ideas and have already been in motion behind the scenes. <3 One thing should be clear though, giving the rebels more to do against each other will not help the kavala "aids". People will always be inclined to RP with and of course terrorize the police. (it's literally the main core game mechanic - cops vs robbers) Any of the "problematic" people who dont know how to rp good, or initiate shadily time and time again will still be the same, they will just have other things to do as well, after 2-3 days they'll be back in kavala like always, i promise. Now, the goal here actually IS to give the rebels more to do against each other, and yes it's outside of the city, but it's not to "reduce kavala aids", it's just to be cool and to make stuff even more fun, lol. I'm under no impression that adding TONS more for rebels to do will somehow fix the individuals who are "wasteland" or "koth" superstars and teach them how not to be shady, initiate properly, and value RP. IMO, the true fix lies within the individuals themselves, not within some new capture location that's somehow going to draw EVERY gangs attention there instead? lol! Server has been live for 4 years, i've tried moving the police to different towns, adding "gang wars", new capture systems, map changes, you name it - trust me, the new things added are always awesome and slightly change the feel of the server, but if you're looking for less action in kavala, try playing tetris, it's part of the game - and a part that should be fun and embraced. Great ideas tho as always everyone. Some of which should be seen live within the next few days.
  6. you're unbanned, have fun playing, sorry for the delay.
  7. Other Appeal - Liam Escovich / Liam Escovich

    Hi Liam, sorry for the inconvenience, you're unbanned and should be good to go. Thanks for playing on the server, <3.
  8. Top 10 Most Wanted Issues

    This is the dumbest poll ever created maybe <3, sorry, but really? - it's the lag from the anticheat scanning you when you first join.. It actually has always been there, the scan has just grown bigger over time, so people with potatoes will notice the lag more as it scans the entire memory space. Literally the top 10 loading has NOTHING to do with the lag - NOTHING. The top10 is actually loaded from the db every 10 minutes so there is NO lag when yo join cause the variable/values are already there to be received. No DB loading even... Talk to a staff member about your issues @Kodiak - don't create an un educated poll to create a hysteria over something that doesnt even work the way you think, lol. #triggered
  9. most likely not EDIT*** - I have a change in the loot drop system coming soon though which should resolve said issue
  10. At the time of that post i WAS working on 2 different servers besides this one. One was a fully functioning completely set up exile that was ready to launch, and one was a "surprise" with several popular mods - but do to many factors i halted development on both. At THIS time, i'll be focusing my time into bringing life on altis back to where we were at about 2 years ago, when the server was much more "fun" in my opinion. (no that doesn't mean this is turning into a wasteland server, it never was and never will be that). Should be a good content patch this week.
  11. Halloween Patch - and More! A virus known as H1Z3 has now swept the island of Altis.... Nothing is safe. The wind now blows cold and dry, you can hear an eerie howl as it passes through the dead engine of a nearby downed mv-22. We lost our friends, our whole crew was just infected by just one of them.. that's all it took...., they diddnt listen dammit! , we told them not to drink the water or eat the food, but they took their chances and got sick, i guess starving men don't make the best decisions.. One started making weird growling noises and his eyes teared with blood... It wasn't long till he turned on the whole group.... I.. i was lucky... i made it out of there.. We had a blackfish waiting and took off just as the horde surrounded us... I felt my heart sink as i heard what i thought would be the last bit of coms say something about a test kits and a cure - it started to break up but i was able to make out that they had leftover cures at the CDC - wayyy up far north east on the island. The last crackle that came through the radio was hard to decypher something about... abundant and free, but that there were "sick people" everywhere and to be careful cause all it takes is one bite... This is the type of thing movies are made of, these are the days that make heroes out of men, and zombies out of the weak! - You can now be infected, consumable food items have a high rate of being contaminated and infecting you. You will remain infected till either you go to the CDC and cure your self there, or receive medical attention and get a syrum to reverse the viral effects. - To infect others you can shift g, with no weapon in hand, you must incapacitate your victims first and then you may scroll wheel to infect them. - There are H1Z3 virus test kits available at hospitals around altis, you can use these to test your friends and see if they're infected - When infected you will randomly growl and make sounds that others within a reasonable radius can hear - unsure who's growling around you, better pick up some test kits!, RP, and test everyone, but don't get infected in the process! This virus is contagious! - this event will last a day or so past Halloween - Jail system bugs fixed - you can now post bail after 3-5 minutes and get out with a clean slate. - Boxing Gloves now available at the Kavala Gym - you can now have fun "boxing" and melee attacking others who have also elected to enable this option, you cannot just randomly doink people as the option isnt enabled unless your "target" has it enabled as well. - Lumberjack - you can now buy an axe and chop down trees outside of city limits to gain different amounts of lumber based on the size of the tree. You can activate this ability by clicking use on the virtual item in your y-inventory. This will pull the axe out and you will walk around with an axe in your hand, if you get near trees that are not in the main city you can chop them down. Clicking use a second time in a row unlocks a secondary passive option to use the axe to battle other people who have also elected to axe battle. Additionally, you can also load these wood piles into the back of large storage trucks via the igiLoad functions. - Some performance fixes - fixed the ragdoll drunk effect killing people and switched to a more trustworthy effect in the meantime. - Fixed car blinkers not working - moved the cop call for backup action to the sound actions area (cleaner action gui for you guys)
  12. Welcome Chief Duckhunter!

    Congratulations DuckHunter!!!, and a Big Thank You to Barbosa for all of his labors and efforts. <3
  13. 10/15/17 - Patch Notes

    Here's a link to the mission-file for those who may experience trouble downloading it from the server. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z977j19ux7ncxol/s1k_lyfe_v14j.Altis.zip?dl=0
  14. 10/15/17 - Patch Notes

    New vehicle cleanup function explained in detail. every 15 minutes vehicles are scanned in the server. only "extremely damaged vehicles" that are left out can be removed from your garage if they are un-insured damaged insured vehicles that are left out will be charged their insurance and restored to your garage with a retrieval cooldown that lasts until server restart. Here is how vehicles are considered "damaged" - the vehicle is no longer "alive" (completely dead'd), - the vehicle damage is above [0.97/1.0], or - the vehicles wheels or engine are completely destroyed. Vehicles within 250m of the hunting zone remain protected Vehicles with an item in the "trunk" (t-inventory) will be protected from cleanup as long as they are alive Vehicles that have players within 500m will be protected from removal for convenience. So if you want to leave a vehicle somewhere, put an item in its trunk and it will be protected from being garaged.