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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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  1. The Legendary pink Beast of Arrrghhh
  2. Fail Roleplay Report - Jack Burton - Resolved

    Not disputing the Rp log or my actions. But you guys are seeing the last 2 minutes of a much much larger video. With fail role play and corruption all over it. Post the whole things guys...i will. What are you hiding? I was actually logging to go to bed. I'm 100 confident that had actually been heard before. It was past 730 pm on a work night with daylight savings time so really 830pm. I get up at 3am to beat a 40 minute commute and clock in before 430am. Why would i park a heli, store it, and walk all the way to the terminal if i had to walk all the way back...(UNLESS I WAS LOGGING OFF) Everyone parks near the terminal to drive or fly away after supplies. In addition anyone watching the video can see you guys fumbled around so badly it was embarrassing, shameful public relations really. I did that job IRL for the best part of 14 years, so unless you were role playing socially awkward rookies the only fail role play is in the mirror. I asked you at the ATM "whats up?" Not one response. LOL you guys stood around and followed me without talking for the first part of it. How long was i at the market? Yea 54 seconds without a word from you guys, time it. Figured you guys wandered off. By the time you guys actually decided to speak up i knew i was in for at least another 5-10 minutes of arrest and and another 30 for the jail time. I'll gladly take the ban, i was logging off and you guys didn't even have a 2 way conversation about it once i was in custody. Just reading your que cards like robocops. Bottom line is i did it, i RP logged and the only reason i was pissed is because i knew i was dealing with BS. I wasn't going to stay in a locked one way scenario VS logging off taking a ban and risk a welding mistake or worse a 5 ton steel incident. You were not going to waste my time. I weighed it too: In one hand answer to bogus charges and go through the entire time consuming procedure for the next 30-40 minutes or take the ban on the chin and get sleep so i don't endanger myself or others. Choice was fast and easy. I do however highly suspect this was a result of the hour wasted of your time earlier that day looking for me at oil rig 1...yea got that video too. Took 4/4 cops on the server with 12 other civs 4km from the nearest land mass to try and capture public enemy #1, and failed...again. Then you guys only managed to harass another player in the area with close fly bys, threats and chaff spray. You guys do know you have a bad history with me and oil rigs right, Cops die every time. Guess you tried to play the odds and one of you died, again. Figured you were still sour about that, maybe not, but I just don't believe in those kinds of coincidences. Bogus charges in a green zone? Guess that's one way to get the big bad Jack Burton and his notorious $200k bounty. $180k of it surely in speeding tickets in Kavala. So much bad guy to go around. I'll be off to do my dailies on another game. Have a good time I'll be honest, the only bad part about that whole thing is it was in a green-zone or there would be two dead crooked ADP officers. For everyone else combat logging and RP logging is bad, it takes away from the game for those that want to be part of it, even for those guys.
  3. Racism Report - Godzain

    Report Type: Racism Player In-Game Name: Godzain Your In-Game Name: Jack Burton Situation: Improper use of an improper noun Why Should the Player be Banned? Racism Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5aa5cc7157bae742c0/racist-use-of-a-noun?from=user Additional Comments and Information:
  4. Better place for combat activities

    Great Idea, i just don't see it reducing the chaos in Kavala, much. Things to consider: 1. It would only serve those that are already capping everything. Just another day, another place. 2. It wouldn't at all serve the RP community that is on an RP server, because it advertises as an RP server. 3. If it did reduce chaos in Kavala (i'm sure it would to some degree) it would only be used by those that don't already take great pleasure in camping Kavala for newbs eager to explore past a very small % of Altis real estate, or for that matter a small % of Kavala city limits. I like the idea, with it though (an amendment per se) Increase the size of the Kavala Greenzone. There are in game signs marking the city limits on the entrance to 4 of the main roads, why not use them. I have often wondered why such a large map has such a small area that is safe. Right there next to why the garage is outside of it. But lets face it, with all there is to do outside the city already (more that 2/3 of what you can do on the server takes place outside the city). Would justifying the change to benefit Kavala clutter/chaos/RP/newbs/non gangs really be a marketable argument?
  5. The current rule No current rule or definition. Why it does not work properly I believe that the large number and constant flow of complaints related to RDM, VDM, and general mayhem on the server is due to lack of defined terminology unique to the server that accompany very specific rule sets. Anyone that has been on the server for a few weeks or more has experienced this at some level...a general sense and knowledge of "unspoken rules or procedures". In this i mean rules that have literally been implemented, and are law according to individuals, gangs or groups that have misinterpreted or restructured current rules to better serve their own agenda, or that have been passed down verbally from one person to the next until the rule or procedure is vague and has multiple definitions and uses. While this isn't entirely a bad thing as a whole, I am undeniably a patriot in that I believe all rules ultimately come from the structure of the human condition based on the needs of the environment from which they belong. How to fix it It is hard to define what may or not be broken. We don't know there are pieces of the broken mirror missing until we construct the mirror. The first thing i would like to address is the word INITIATE. This is defined as: To cause or facilitate to beginning of; "Something". The word and variants of it are used 13 times in the "Altis Life Server Rules". While the definition according to it's use on the server is pretty obvious, how it is used in the different facets of the rules and procedures isn't clear at all. **************************************************************************************************** The first use of it is used in the: Valid Roleplay Devices and Usages (Cellphones, direct-chat, voice, side etc) Altis Life Server Rules. Bullet point 9. You are included in the roleplay if you are in a group with a player initiated on within 100m and within visual range A new person reading this has absolutely no clue what is going to happen here. Especially if that role-play initiation comes through to either the driver or passenger of a boat, car or aircraft via cellphone. I know through experience on the server what this means. It measn when you see this tell everyone in the boat were Example: My 2nd week on the server i am with 2 other people who started within days of me, so (all new) We were fishing, and while the pilot of the boat is near to docking the boat, and is informed (via Cell) to, "come to shore immediately and surrender". He bounces off the dock and the boat skitters in reverse. The person on land that sent the message opens up on everyone in the boat...2 of us die, the 3rd dove off the boat and escaped. Reading the rule in this situation did no good. Oddly the guy that survived (a close relative) no longer plays on the server. Did we die because the pilot didn't inform us we were being potentially robbed? initiated on? Why would he? **************************************************************************************************** The third use: Initiating external support. is used in the same section and the 3rd time initiate is used in the rules. Running into a situation, armed or unarmed, just to initiate external support such as Air Support, Snipers, Other Members in the area, etc is Fail Roleplay and not allowed. This doesn't apply to sneaking around to ambush people and initiate support, or initiating support during a situation. Suicide initiation or Meat-shield Initiation isn't allowed. To the new person that has to verify they read the rules. WHAT DOES INITIATE EXTERNAL SUPPORT mean? It hasn't been mentioned until now. Again, you need to play the game for a while and be a victim to "existing rules" in order to understand what it means. To the person that wants to understand the rules (so as not to break them and end up banned) The red section completely contradicts the yellow, especially the green. In fact the green section can clearly be used to nullify the yellow section completely. Lastly on Support. It is used only 4 times in the context of "Backup" Oddly and unfortunately those 4 times are bold and underlined in the only rule that uses them in that context above. How it will improve roleplay I cannot guarantee any improvement in role-play. But clarifying some of the rules may make it easier to build and maintain a stronger player base. How it will make things easier It would eliminate the learning curve of understanding what these mean from the perspective of a new player who must read the rules and verify they have read them in order to play. In your opinion, will it create more to learn Less to learn, clearly, and in less time and in a more condensed platform. It can eliminate the potential for a lot of abuse of rules that are unclear or defined differently from one person or gang to another. What are the potential negative consequences I can see where some of the veteran players who have defined the use of Initiate and support outside of the actual rules would have to relearn "if" the rule changes, or adhere to the rule universally as a whole as it is written, rather than how it is rumored to be, "in this situation this, and in that situation that". My final word of this subject This being said, this is defined as an RP server. I know the APD and EMS have to as a rule RP at all times, and the one of the first couple of rules for civilians is RP at all times. It is here i must ab liege to argue. It honestly feels like a PVP server with sprinkled elements of RP most of the time. I play on PVP servers, The one thing that for me defines this server just a little bit differently is; Here you don't know who the enemy is until 5 seconds before they kill you.
  6. I thought for a moment i was looking at the village people. I know you see it too. It's that or power rangers
  7. Roleplaying "Are you doing it wrong?"

    LOL that's uncle Bobby's character from taxi driver!
  8. Roleplaying "Are you doing it wrong?"

    Great post Caesar! I like you took this step. Could the news ticker be available only to those in a selected "Press" slot. Does anyone know what PBO the MPRL compact is under. A simple color change with GIMP and a Channel 7 logo would doctor it up really nice. And of course make it inoperable. A note on the Press vest. Wearing the full uniform and playing that role many times myself i have a few people address me as "officer" from time to time. The hat says press but that vest to some people appears to say Police...while we know it doesn't. Can the vest say "News" or "News 7"? Anyways good stuff. Far too many people abusing taxis and news equipment in general.
  9. In-Game Name: Bishop EMS Name: Bishop Your Age: 48 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a EMS on Another Server? No. Not exactly. I play almost daily on =7Cav= Tactical Realism 1 server. I generally only ever play 2 units. Heavy assault rifleman, or Medic. Mostly medic. I like to think i'm very good at both. When i medic/corpsman I carry a ton of smoke, and triage and just enough ammo to be able to clear hostiles from downed soldiers. The shooting is fun but i like to play in role and hold back until needed, sometimes that gets hairy as i have to make safe the area for me to be able to help others. Are You Able To Be Neutral? Yes. I used to DM Neverwinter nights (2nd largest server at the time) There were pvpers and RPers. And everyone had a different playstyle. We had to assume unbiased roles when arbitrating player issues. I was an Officer in a big wow guild a few years back. One of my main duties was raid loot distribution. I was loved and hated. No matter how badly a friend WANTED it, or how deserving a raider NEEDED it. It was always the person that was supposed to received said item. MY "Arthurian" sense of just fairness has cost friends in real life and in games. But i sleep like a baby with warm milk if i am true to myself. 11 years previous Law Enforcement experience. I never heard one version of any incident...EVER. Always 2 versions or more. Managed Minecraft Towny servers, Admin for various games. Bottom line for me is if my job is to revive, resuscitate, or heal someone, and i am asked or permitted i will do so without prejudice of any former history between those in need. There is no faster way to lose respect from other players, peers and one's self than to be hypocrite. Why Do You Want To Join The EMS? I'm a natural helper, i answer questions if i know the answer. In Arma i like playing the role. It's my "go to" role when i am in the game when available although here it's white listed as it should be based on available gear/vehicles/and the huge % of potential abuse and exploitation factors. And really i wish i could remember the name of the medic that came and revived me from a crash a couple weeks back, Beautiful hummingbird medical chopper, gave me a ride back to town too. Awesome guy. All i went on about was the chopper for what might have been his longest 3 minutes in the game to date. lol IRL i got as far as EMT intermediate, we called it EMT II (2) here, some places call it something different. I wasn't a paramedic and i wasn't a seat warmer. It was 1995 and this new method came into main stream among the emergency community, it was called "first responder". I did the EMT Basic at the local university and then picked freebie or department paid or reimbursed classes when i could fit them in to advance although i had the first responder certification i wanted more. I was able to see the same incident as an EMT that i did when i was wearing a badge, but i saw it from a different perspective. That is what i am looking for here, a different perspective to role play in, it just so happens to be one i am very fond of. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I feel my experience as a medic in games and my experience and training in real life to be able to ascertain a situation calmly and make the best choices for success and efficiency combined with my affinity to role play and help others and still make it all fun for everyone places me shoulder to shoulder in the front line of available candidates. Additional Comments and Information:
  10. Other Report - Alpha & Nexus - Resolved

    Final Note. I lived. Thank you Timothy J. Robbins of Scottsdale Arizona for your kind post mortem donor organ.
  11. Report Type: Other Player In-Game Name: Alpha & Nexus Your In-Game Name: Bishop Situation: Not sure why when i am talking in direct chat (as seen in the lower left corner) that i am not being heard on video, yet everyone i speak to can hear me and responds to my speech. I'll be checking on that. The scene opens a block north of Kavala square a tthe playground with and incident involving vehicle VS pedestrian, and shortly thereafter me telling the officer (in humor) that had been ran over to brush the tire tracks off his uniform. I moved back to the news truck. and rolled video on the same truck attempting to hit the 3 individuals in the road. I went afk sometime after they had all run out of the area screaming. [intermission with Taco Bell; XXL Grilled stuffed burrito x2diablo sauce x2 Fire] Several minutes pass while i am AFK. I return and get out of the truck...thinking i should log off to eat. After some time i was approached by two subjects, one sounding unsure of himself in both his actions and wording. I was asked to leave the vehicle, i responded by telling them to step away from the vehicle. (so i could lock it upon exit) I get out of the vehicle and antics soon arise. Alpha referred to me as "officer", i corrected him and told him i was not a police officer, that i was a news reporter. After that and me laying out RP excuses why im not going to dance i asked if they had a numpad on their keyboard and instructed them on the #7 key in which alpha responded with it's use. We moved to the actual playground where i noticed Alpha knocked out Bailey. I mentioned at that moment, "Man gets knocked out in playground...children laugh, news at 11". (They didn't get what i was saying, because they cannot read the rules) I was then knocked out repeatedly by Alpha, upon which Nexus stole my kidney. While trying to speak between knock outs, my avatar apparently kept trying to get up...which is what you do anyways when you awake. Needless to say this didn't help since Alpha stated very clearly that if i tried to get up again i would be killed. Would have been nothing i could have done about it, since its automatic....but heck he didn't know...he hasn't been paying attention up to this point anyhow. I do not believe Bailey was directly involved although he was present, within the same clan, and a submissive witness. I remember laughing so hard at the last bit....Alpha: "If you get back...if you get up the next time...you y. .y..yy. get out of car unconscious..If you get up we're shooing you". Reminded me of the first time i was robbed in this game at the beach by a 12 year old, i had to coach him on how to do it....live as it was happening, i even had to tell him how to use the zipties. (ah the memories) I ended up getting up again...Who knew, but by the look of the video so far....he probably forgot the bullets. Certainly their first time...Hopefully their last. Why Should the Player be Banned? Not reading the rules Fail RP Knocking out member of the press (Alpha) Stealing Kidney of member of the press. (Nexus) Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/596eb59ddf1ea7db14/hyjinx-by-cherries Additional Comments and Information: I attempted to reason with them on compensating me on the 30k kidney, plus all the food and medicine i tried to consume to get that far. But we all watched the video...we knew compensation was a lost cause. Never had my kidney stolen before. Pleasant experience to say the least, The dying part was slow enough that if you didn't dick around you could make it, but fast enough that if you didn't dick around you might not make it. Scratch that one off my bucket list. 10/10 Will donate my kidney to bust the cherry on newb thieves again.
  12. Gear Comp Request - Bishop

    In-Game Name: Bishop Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198017336150 Items Lost: Best i can remember: 15,700 for Press Uniform, P-Hat, P-Vest, backpack 9,000 Binocular(1x150) NVG (1x8000); Toolkit (1x250); Gas cans (2x300) 100,514 in cash. Was going to get the Channel 7//Repair truck Skin [faux light bar and wench] Approximate Value of Lost Items: $ 125,214 Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/596c16f6b31dc05f6e/no-smoking-in-the-paintbooth- Additional Comments and Information: Can anyone tell me what i might have done wrong? This was the first time i was in there. I was told the "Repair truck Channel 7 skin was in there. looks good. I also didn't see a "purchase/buy" button.
  13. No pineapple on Pizza, Right under the No Catsup on hotdogs rule.
  14. Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: Muffin Man [Driver]; Brando [Passenger] Your In-Game Name: Bishop Situation: Myself and Journalist Caesar were in the roles of press getting footage both rolling tape and stills from a police incident shooting in south west Kavala. After the incident was code4. I was informed by Caesar that the press truck [Owner: Caesar] had been stolen and that he could see the occupants as they drove away. We went looking for the vehicle. Caesar informed me that he was able to lock the vehicle with occupants inside, but was also disabled by the vehicle in the process, seconds later up the street i had to dodge an attempted VDM, after which the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a wall behind me. Caesar, still on the ground informed me this is in fact his truck. and we continued to pursue an opportunity to inform the occupants to release control of the vehicle. While on the sidewalk with the vehicle approaching me head on, and sharing the same drive-able medium, i stepped into the sidewalk to insure i was out of the road and out of the immediate path of the truck. The driver swerved and struck me. Given the circumstances there was little or no room for RP The vehicle occupants disconnected to release from the locks of the vehicle, abandoning the vehicle in an unknown area after re-logging. The vehicle was eventually found and legally impounded by APD Officer [3-42] Justin. Why Should the Player be Banned? *VDM Rule. x2 *Stealing the press truck x1 (unsure/unclear rule) *Zero RP (Negligible) *Quasi-Combat logging (to release from vehicle locks. (Negligible) *strait up horrendous driving (lol) Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/596a33d913cdddfdbd/deliberate-vdm-perspective-1-of-x2-vdm Additional Comments and Information: Same incident different perspective