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  1. Universal Rebel Initiation

    The Whole APD
  2. The Offspring - The Future Is Now

    I love Slim Pickens does the right thing and rides the bomb to hell and Dividing by zero!

    -1 A real Communist would kill him by drowning him in vodka
  4. #FreeKodak

    Your Welcome!
  5. #FreeKodak

    I bet you shit yourself lmao #permkodiak
  6. If you want a Scorcher why not have a Sandstorm? Shooting mini nukes whilst playing with yourself, that is a dream come true!
  7. You have all valid points, its not really used for much at all even if you were to implement some roleplay aspect most cops wouldn't allow it.If it were a Kajman on wheels it would be the BTR-K Kamysh lol
  8. It can work because the wheels can be shoot out very easy,if they were to add the 6.5mm gun it should only have like 250 shots also the gun can also be disabled really easy. The price would be quite high and obviously not insurable so overall. We have quite a few armed Heli's which are also bulletproof to a standard so why not add a more armoured land vehicle. This also depends about whether the Navid & SPMG will get removed or not.
  9. Sharkbait's Resignation Letter

    How could you leave me in a time like this, us Brits need to stay together! I wish you all the best man
  10. Games

    Borderlands if my favourite game series of all time along with the first few Assassin's Creed's