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  1. Mass Unban and Wipe

    Alright so what do you suggest we do? If we sit around and don't risks things like a mass unban it will die anyway so why not try something is better than nothing.
  2. Mass Unban and Wipe

    Coding knowledge or not it's not that hard to rip code off other servers and if he is coding it himself if he said it was gonna take 2 weeks the max it should have taken for the recode to come out is 1 month. I like how instead of caring about the server and trying to come up with some ideas good or not to improve the state of the server you decide to tell everyone to shut the fuck up that it will come out when it comes out that sort of mentality is what is killing this server. If s1k actually cared he would hop in the TeamSpeak and address issues with the server and be honest with us instead of lying through his teeth. Maybe instead of shutting people down, you come up with ideas with the rest of us. You talk down on everyone in this thread saying that the recode should take longer than it currently is but it doesn't take a genius to realizes the man hasn't worked on it in months. The people that truly care about this server post in here to brainstorm ideas as a group and you someone who I almost never see on the server shut those who care about this server down.
  3. Issues and Fixes for current Server Status.

    The sad truth is that there is no real servers like easys out there.
  4. Woods - 16 - CA App

    haahhahaahha lol
  5. Woods - 16 - CA App

    your aids <3
  6. Woods - 16 - CA App

    Thanks my man
  7. Fail Roleplay Report - Nikolai Kuznetsov - Denied

    You did try to run him over and your buddy was screaming drive implying running him over.
  8. RDM Report - TRI | Klokus - Denied

    I initiated on you and coyote not klokus
  9. Woods - 16 - CA App

    Thanks Jordan Gay ;)))))) <3
  10. Community Meeting

    Changed my mind ^
  11. Community Meeting

    I feel this would turn into a complain fest where it turns into cops v rebels complaining about each other.
  12. Can you make an even slower vid
  13. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: [NG] Backwoodjack Your In-Game Name: [2-02] Woods Situation: I was responding to an officer who had been killed at wifi when I got there I was shot out my car without any Initiation Why Should the Player be Banned? This sort of RDM is constant from [NG] Backwoodjack obviously he does not care about the rules Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: