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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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  1. When NG gets Bored

    lol still worth it
  2. When NG gets Bored

    First of all, this wasn't any type of troll, there weren't many people on the server. Peep this xD
  3. Computer Setup Thread

    Monitors compensating for skill??? jk Awesome setup
  4. In-Game Name: Coyote Usual Name: coyote Player ID: 76561198061501509 Type of Ban: RDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? yh Ban Message / Reason: coyote 1 day Rdm wumpus Your Story: Cops init on me so I RPG'd em cars and shit blew us all up, i died mainly from the vehicle explosion but Jordan likes to fantasize about me a lot so i can see why he thought the rocket blew me up Evidence: Boonkgang Additional Comments and Information:
  5. Kavala AIDS

    NG is staying out of kavala for a week. We just chillin', someone come thru if you want to chill -Boonkgang
  6. Kavala AIDS

    Out of respect for the admins as well as the thousands of fallen officers, NG, BIC, AU will be taking a break from being AIDS in Kavala. If you have any questions about this feel free to msg Coyote in-game. Just for anyone who is concerned about our health we are fine and perfectly sane. -Boonkgang
  7. Vehicle Comp Request - coyote

    In-Game Name: coyote Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198061501509 Items Lost: 3 Mil taru Approximate Value of Lost Items: 3,000,000 Evidence: garage Additional Comments and Information: I bought a 3 mil taru at smugs run under the impression that I could insure it. When I went to go insure it it said its not insurable

    Looking for any type of drug, processed prices listed below Meth-7500 Coke-9500 Heroine-9500 LSD-3000 Unprocessed prices Meth-6000 Coke-8000 Heroine-800 LSD-1250 HMU if you want to sell me some
  9. +1 yall already know NG finna find a way to slap some dars on em' -Boonkgang
  10. In-Game Name: Coyote Usual Name: coyote Player ID: 76561198061501509 Type of Ban: RDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? mhhmm Ban Message / Reason: Coyote 2day RDM badger Your Story: was at city wide when I hear an officer init on someone, unclear to me at the time who but apparently it wasn't on me, I wait for a better time to act on the initiation and blow up jordan. Apparently being able to pick and choose who you init on depending on who dies is now a thing so I guess if someone can link it to me that'd be cool. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5a809f4ebdbc9fd408/just-in-case-already-beat-the-case Additional Comments and Information: 1:12:50 uptime you can hear the cop init. Also, cops need to not init on people sitting in their cars so incidents like this don't happen because it was unclear who he was initiating on and I didn't want to get shot.
  11. Hazard - 19 - CA App

    -1 +2 Pranked nerd
  12. RDM Report - Baducca - Denied

    Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Baducca(As cop) Your In-Game Name: [NG] Coyote Situation: After killing cops who initiated on us I took one of their cars and was going to pick up my friend at heli landing when I flipped it on the speed bump. I got into my friend's car and we drove off. after a bit Jordan Jay starts to follow us and when we stop to turn around he initiates on us with the sentence "This is the APD, Stop or your tires will be shot out" then proceeds to shoot at us as we drive away. When he shoots one of our tires out, my friend shoots Jordan with a PCML. After about 7.562 seconds my friend is shot by baducca when support is not initiated. After killing my friend I shot at him, or what I thought was him pushing towards us then get shot by someone else. Why Should the Player be Banned? These kinds of actions are not allowed on the server nonetheless from the cop force Evidence: Brought to Teamspeak Additional Comments and Information: Thank you for taking the time to review this report!
  13. RDM Report - [NG] Coyote - Resolved

    Offering 250k comp for your gear and any troubles along the way.
  14. RDM Report - DontRobCarl - Resolved

    This was purely crossfire. If you look closely at the man in black you will see he attempted to pull his gun out before getting demolished by 6+ people. If there should be any type of report it should be against markaveli for fail-roleplay because that'd never happen. Up to the admins tho. Take it easy
  15. RDM Report - [NG] Coyote - Resolved

    It was a miscommunication within the gang coms, Hazard never called out that he said to go and when you ran past saying fuck you to all of us it looked like you were running. I will pay comp if you want, If not I'll wait it out. Take it easy.