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  1. Bullying and My "Open Door Policy"

    lmao im 6 ft tall now
  2. Too much role play -6 mongoloids broke while watching and my dog died to a herniea. Worst (mediocre) montage ever
  3. Too much role play -6 mongoloids broke while watching and my dog died to a herniea. Worst (mediocre) montage ever
  4. VDM Report - John Alec - Denied

    Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: John Alec Your In-Game Name: =AU= Artemis Situation: I was flying around in my orca when this guy trys to hit me I escape then he flys up and crashes into me Why Should the Player be Banned? Purposeful vdm with another vehicle Evidence: https://youtu.be/m0eVJOfBRoI Additional Comments and Information:
  5. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh1y8r6o813AI12UIn I was watching Worldstar fight vids, and I saw this again. I'm not always very welcoming and nice to everyone, but I have past experiences and personal experiences of bullying. I myself and I'm sure others have been bullied before... I remember freshman year being 4'11" and small all I ever did was try to be nice to everyone and do anything for anyone, and I was treated like shit. I felt alone and like I had no one, some of my freinds noticed my sadness and supported me. Moral of the story... always support your friends or someone being bullied. Now if you have a problem or something you need to talk about or get off your chest I personally am willing to talk to you, all of your info is confidential and stays between us. With that I leave you with this https://imgur.com/a/AvDsI
  6. Tbh I'm not hating and this might be pretty much all your first montages, but there is a lil too much rocket kills, which doesn't take as much skill as shooting people out of Pawnees and hellcats and other air vehicles while they are chasing you or something alike. Shooting still objects doesn't show as much skill as shooting something or someone your in a firefight with face to face, all these can contribute to a better montage! I like this and I see more coming. P.S. one last thought try to put everyone's clips in order and put a name before the persons clips
  7. [Event] Monkey Hunt

    dude that my n00ds not lonestars wtf
  8. John - 19 - CA App

    +1 simply put: dad
  9. In-Game Name: =AU= Artemis Usual Name: =AU= Artemis Player ID: 76561198271738295 Type of Ban: RDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? For rdm maybe, for this case no Ban Message / Reason: Artemis_1day_RDM_Coby Your Story: We were driving by and saw a cop with swat gear on, I was very confused when the officer put his hands on his head and why locke was revived, so I pulled over and was about to rob them when i initiated locke continued to run at me and I really didnt know what to do, and I didnt want to die because i had been killed by desync 3 times shortly before that. I normally wait out my time on intiation, but the fact he was running right at me with a gun out kinda confused me. Evidence: Wasn't recording and didnt think to record it Additional Comments and Information: I'm sorry to locke for the inconvenience and Ill do my best not to do this again
  10. future of AUPD

    Three words... What. A. Ganger.
  11. I remember getting gunned down by a cop while sitting with a cop. I didn't like that v much