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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/

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  1. Ah High School Spirit Week

    Man, i gotta say, I'm from Michigan and I've never seen something like that.
  2. Roleplaying is it your thing?

    I mean when people asked my full name on game I would always tell them: Steve Steele, but my legal name is Stephen Steve Steeleowicz. I was a Vietnam vet that has many flashbacks and as a member of the APD I always had panic attacks during gunfights. I was also sometimes a medic in the army, which is how I would know how to patch people up in the absence of an EMS member. I also have a fat wife and like 6 kids to provide for at home, so I never tried to escape from being a hostage. When I ran the Kavala Times, my alter ego Barry Dewjam was a fair and honest reporter, only trying to get the facts. His brothers Terry and Gary Dewjam were his editors. His sister Sherri has yet to debut for the paper, but she's a good kid. Always making mom happy. She bounces from boyfriend to boyfriend, but we still love her. Ryan Walker was a professional wrestler, or as he would say a Pro 'Rassler. He had matches infront of sellout crowds in the Kavala Sportitorium. He had a tag team with his friend, The Crawdad Man. He fought the best wrestlers from around the world. But he had to turn to a life of crime, following the steroid scandals. This is when he met the Russian Weapons Dealer and became his bodyguard. He bounced between this and being a "hang-a-round" of CWI. Crank is my newest character. Leader of a biker gang fro Pyrgos, he loves to fight and loves to make money. He isn't quite fleshed out yet.
  3. Collections Request

    Thank you for your prompt payment.
  4. Collections Request

    Please provide a notarized receipt.
  5. Collections Request

    To: Chief DuckHunter, Head of HR Diovin Twigg From: Altis Medical Services Billing Dept. Subj: Overdue Bill To whom it may concern, below you will find our official extended invoice for our drug testing services provided to Asst. Chief Cheyowen. As you have been notified, he has been cleared from all illicit substances and has a clean bill of health, aside from the alcohol habit. As mentioned to a Mr. BoBandy, it appears that payment was not made to your insurer, Altis Casualty and Liability Insurrers, LLC. Due to this, the full bill is 100% the Police Department's issue to resolve. To make payment, see a payment specialist at our main offices. Thank you. Kind Regards, EMS FR-13 Steve Steele First Responder Billing Support Team, Altis EMS
  6. New Years Resolutions?

    Doing my diet perfectly for 6 weeks, hopefully becoming a habit.
  7. In-Game Gang Ranks

    Would be cool if you could name the rank in-game, i.e. General, Major, Captain etc
  8. Do I need a new graphics card ?

    Depends on how confident in opening up the rig you are but I would try the following before dropping money: 1) remove GPU, plug monitor directly into motherboard then boot. Hopefully, that works or it will at least help narrow the search. 2) Remove your psu cable from the rig and push it back in, then turn on the computer. 3) Open the rig and make sure you ground yourself. look for anything obvious like wires out of place, 4) With your rig open to find the 24pin connector that powers the MoBo and press both sides to make sure it has total contact. If these things don't work it could be a fault in your CPU, maybe from heat. I once had a cpu with sup-par thermal paste on it and it would auto-shutdown because of too much heat. If none of these things work, build a Viking funeral barge and say a prayer to the Computer Gods.
  9. Dusty's Resignation Notice/Appreciation Post

    10/10 good letter. Will keep in touch while you are in basic and such!
  10. Whoa, Bruh. Nice Profile Picture

    1. Coby


      Woah, same to you.

    2. Steve Steele

      Steve Steele

      But I can't hope to meet your community rep...

  11. @Jaster Funny video man, Miss you guys!
  12. Hey, C8Gaming, Some of you will Notice that I am no longer a member of the APD or of Server Staff. Some of you will care, some won’t. A few are asking “Who is this dude?”. Well, I want to clear the air before rumors start flying, which they will anyway. First of all, I resigned both positions willingly. WILLINGLY. You guys and your rumor mill. Frustrations were high but in the end, on both sides, I think the right moves were made. Secondly, I hold no Ill will towards APD Command or Server Staff. Far from it, in fact, I still consider them to be my friends, which I hope is reciprocated. Finally, you guys. YOU GUYS. JESUS calm yourselves. One thing I always tried to instill in new cadets and always tried to remind veteran officers about is this simple thing we ALL forget about often: This is a game. Remember, all those people you are killing and screaming at are just people playing a game. For me, this was a great way to relax for a long while, but I got caught up in taking it too seriously. I have met a ton of you and I would like to say I get along with most, but I know not all. Just do me a favor, just be fair and have fun. Enjoy yourselves, everyone, I’ll miss this. Steve Steele
  13. Forums Dislike Button

    My thoughts: https://i.gyazo.com/4b35cafd068184cafeb66e7137b0b67a.mp4
  14. Toast's retirement from Staff.

    Toast was the first man of any importance I talked to on the TeamSpeak, way back on 9/30/15. When he grilled me about my friend who was applying to the APD with me I was scared, then in that special Toast way he said I was hired When I told him my cop name was going to be "Steve Steele" his instant response was "OoooOo, a Porn name!" After a hiatus he was one of the first to welcome me Back, and we all got together to give him a 21 gun salute for his retirement. So the only question now is :