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  1. Hey guys, As your aware by now yes i'm back, after my 5 month hiatus under unwilling supervision. Relearning the ropes as it were and i'll be back in the saddle in no time...ya'll are not getting rid of me that easy;)

    1. Woods


      Where did you go Jesus 

    2. Smokey 420 (Tim)

      Smokey 420 (Tim)

      Had some legal issues to resolve. And unfortunately I could not be on computers for a good while. So i'm still getting caught up on a lot of things.

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  3. Money / Economy Keys to a Drug Empire

    - Overview - There is alot of moving parts and unknown variables when it comes to the drug trade in Altis. Controlling and maintaining that control has it's price-tag. But proper timing and control can allow cash to flow faster than trying to run gold convoys. plus the advantage of working at your own pace. I'm going to go over both small and large scale operation's and give away my keys to the drug trade in Altis. Now keep in mind before proceeding its not going to make you extremely rich without alot of work and none of it will come overnight. But patience and persistence will pay of in the long game. Learn, adapt and you will be grabbing cash all day long. Person = P - Playing The Market - The market will determine your product and be a key factor in the distribution across Altis. Now understanding and playing it are to separate factors. Amount and PPK (Price Per Kilo) Now just by looking at it we would think heroin is the place to start, I mean why not it sells for the most, right. Wrong, Heroin has a low return in terms of amount that is until we raise the price. Overall we want the prices to be near max meaning up 2,000 - 4850 from a new market perspective. Heroin and Coke will be the main supply with Meth being used to raise and fluctuate the market and a third but expendable product. So a new market will see heroin just above coke. However cocaine tops out much lower than heroin, so sell coke to raise the heroin prices and then drop your heroin at max price to recover any incurred losses. If you sell heroin first you drop the small market there is for heroin but only raise coke by a small amount. So now that we have a basic understanding of the markets we want to focus on lets get into detail about how we can setup this process. Market scale Heroin: sell 350 to bottom out / sell 150 to max Cocaine (New Market perspective) Cocaine: sell 550 to bottom out / Sell 250 to max Heroin (New Market perspective) - Small Group Operations - Small groups will be able to make more in terms of cash per person. But they will usually need higher expenses than large scale operations. But we will cover this later Starting out with a min of 3 able bodies will give you a good start to making cash on a consistent basis. usually around 5.5 - 6.5 mil per person in a 4 hour period. Depending on the factors above and playing the market correctly. Okay so here is how you want to setup your drug ring. Now keeping all this in mind this system is design to keep everyone insulated from one another. Not any one person knows enough to bring down the whole ring. (Keep in mind unprocessed product weighs 2x finished product) P1 - Grower Profit: (25%) Risk: Low You will never leave the grow site and never allow anyone to get your location except for the pickup driver. No one else needs this location, and move locations every couple of days. Sole job will be to supply the entire ring with product. When product is nearing pickup phase txt your driver and give him coords. NEVER leave any vehicles near your site. recommend quad for travel and escape. just park it right under your tent. Now before any product is released take payment in form of 25% of final product price. Do this because not always will you be working with trusted individuals as a middleman. And if he gets caught or killed its on him and minimize your losses. It's only business. running a tab usually helps pocket cash, but they burn you do not let them have anymore. More on this later on P2 - Middleman Profit: (25%) Risk: Medium Wait off in a field or river valley until your supplier txts you. Then you good to go, upon paying for unprocessed product, driving from grow-site to processing where you help process with P3. Once processing is finished have P3 pay for finished product before leaving usually 25% then return for more unprocessed product and repeat. Do not go near the site until your grow has given the okay. Vehicles idle near grows site is the best way to get caught or discovered. P3 - Driver Profit: (50%) Risk: High After paying for product its yours, and its your call how to move it and distribute. But keep up the pace dont get greedy there is always more coming. Sole job is to use smaller more versatile vehicles (Not Hemit-targets. the finished product will be under 450lbs for 800lbs unprocessed) for transporting Finished product to sell points or stash house. (Stay off the main roads and off the water and out of the air.) < cover this later in larger group operations. - Large Scale Operations - This method is only for large groups with payoff's, protection rings and large firepower at there disposal. Bringing in on avg. 11 - 13 mil per person in a 4 hour window. (No gold bars needed) Now starting off you will need main assets from everyone to buy off any unsavory groups or individuals in the operating area. Usually 1mil will by you protection and an additional 1mil if you require there help for a task. Just pay them 1mil and ask if they will help when needed for another mil. Now protection rings will very depending your hours of operation, as night runs get a little weird with jets and armed vehicle's aplenty. for this you will need a little better negotiating tactics to buy into protection rings. Usually meeting at safe locations a deal can be made "If services are required then this is the response you will come with and decide price" usually armed offroads are the standard go to for rolling protection packages around 5mil to buy-in but comes in deadly efficiency when required when mixed with your own overwatch. P1 - Grower Profit: (15%) Risk: Low As like previous grow operation's your job is to simply watch the market and grow the appropriate product to ensure everyone profits. As for pickup's you will need to txt GPS coords to your driver so he can arrive at the correct location. Don't let vehicles idle near your site. Anyone flying over or driving by may spot the vehicles not the site and come to investigate, discovering your operations. Again take payment before the product leaves your possession. Always make sure you have enough stock to supply 1 or 2 trucks depending on the setup you prefer. P2 - Pickup Driver Profit: (15%) Risk: Low As a Middleman your form the first line of protection and act as scout for the growing area. Do not destroy alot of trees or fences and make your area noticeable of activity. Once you have your location, load up as fast as possible and get out the area. Don't use main roads and don't fly. (Flying is to much noise and easily able to track and ambush.) Drive to processing and let the processors take over. Switch vehicles with the processors vehicle for efficient turn around time. Again take payment before the product leaves your possession. P3 - Processing / Guard Profit: (20%) Risk: Medium Processing is slow and methodical work. Arrive at processing with a empty transport and park in a way so a transport driver can get in and out fast. Switch keys with the Pickup driver when he arrives so he does not need to wait for you to process. Once processed take your processed product to a beachhead and load it into a awaiting Rhib for transport. Then position your self back to repeat this process all while listening and keeping a eye on the area. Any trouble txt your pickup driver and have him divert to a holding location so he can wait for trouble to pass. P4 - Water Transport Profit: (15%) Risk: Low With the Rhib maxing out at 450lbs and around 75mph on the water it provides the most direct route of transportation to a awaiting land transport. and carry's a full transport worth of unprocessed product once it has been processed. If you run into any trouble. Well they cant land in the water, they cant drive across it. anything worse just dump your load. its a loss but not as bad as the time it takes fully re-outfit a new transportation option. Once you reach 2km from your chosen drop off point have your scout txt the End line driver the pickup Coords. Unload and turn around back to processing for another load. P5 - Over-watch / Road Scout Profit: (15%) Risk: None Okay, this is about the trickiest job there is. No danger unless you put yourself in it. Literally. Your job is fly a hummingbird to scout ahead of pick up and drop off points proceeding your transport line. Meaning Water pickup and landing and end line pickup and final destination. Any odd vehicles or anything that could pose a risk to your end line. txt the driver and have him wait until you can confirm its intent. even then keep a close eye on your package. Don't get to far ahead, your airborne so your making noise and a big hovering target so don't stay on top of your transport either. Simple but a very crucial part P6 - End Line Transport Profit: (20%) Risk: Medium As the End line it will be your call to sell,store or where to deliver your product. You can utilize safe houses but sell and relocate them every other day. to minimize prying eyes and keeping your rivals from noticing any patterns to your destinations and pickup spots. Randomize everything every time. if something feels off just abandon the load in a wooded area and txt over watch to keep an eye out. But don't get jumpy every time you see something you need to be in direct communication with your over watch at all times. Use the drop houses to store product if the market is down.
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