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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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  1. Cartel De Sinaloa Recruitment (Open)

    IGN: Kay MacTavish Hours on arma screenshot: https://gyazo.com/e3d5e182d41890ac366f615d251c6129 Bank account screenshot: Unknown Right Now Working Out A Ban Last known was 7.5 mil Age:15 but mature and can call out comms Flying skills: 1-10 9 Driving skills: 1-10 9 Shooting skills: 1-10 10 Why do you want to join us: The Real Question Here Is Why Not its like im getting out of jail for murder and i never stopped killing people I love gang activity and I love making money so to cut the story short I wanna join to first off have a gang when I get out of this said "jail" and I want to make some new accomplices on the server to do FED's and stuff with What can you bring to the table: Amazing Shooting, Great Driving, Fantastic Flying, And Good Recon for CDC And Fed I use to be an ALRP Player so im really good at CQC and can react really fast I shoot people out of jets and helis for fun if you don't believe test me I also have a video of me fucking on a guy from his POV if you wanna see it ill show it to you during interview but that's what I can bring now I use to say sniping but now I love cqc. Why should we accept you: Assuming I Get Unbanned Im on every day I can Make my own money I do shit to help out gang members in need and im willing to supply for the gang to the real question on your shoulders is why not accept this guy he cant be that bad he has 1.7k hours on arma lets try it. So yea But on the same page here you don't HAVE To accept me I would just like to be accepted so when im unbanned im, not a lone wolf getting reemed during everything I do
  2. In-Game Name: Skye/Russianfkr at the time Usual Name: Kay MacTavish Now Russianfkr then Player ID: 76561198272069818 Type of Ban: Trolling Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? In a way. Ban Message / Reason: (BattlEye: Admin Ban ([Res] Skye_UpdatedToPerm_Perm_Res)) Your Story: So I do have the story from the last one I did last year and ill put it here but Res before you instantly jump to declining and banning me from the forums I wanted to talk with you in TeamSpeak To Show You That I KNow I Fucked up hard and I know that I was a troll then and im super super sorry I realise what I did was dumb and just straight up wrong I would love to talk with you Res In Teamspeak to clear all this over and tell you my sincere apology and that I really do now know that I fucked up bad and I shouldn't have been so Toxic and a little shit like I was im relaying back on something like the APD Application I did when I was that Shitty troll I was Dumb And just wanted a sure fire chance to get in but now in these past weeks all I can think about is talking to you Res and clearing all this up and you hearing my sincere apology and me getting unbanned for one chance more and I know what you're thinking You don't deserve another chance you were banned 4 times on the server when you where here why should I unban you, Well that was an old me I've realised I massively fucked up and that I probably will get forum banned just for posting here again but Res This Proves the dedication I have To Talking With you and clearing all this up and getting you to hear my sincere apology right from the heart. But anyway here is the story from the year I got banned. "I was recently banned for "RDM" and I understood that what I did was wrong so I was waiting it out and during the wait I was perma-banned from the ts for what my friend said was an Explicit Photo that I got told to take down by Seymore and I did I listened to him then my buddy ExplosiveVG joined the ts and was trolling the admins and being very disrespectful to them so he went up to our room and said he wanted to talk to me so I went to talk to him when he went into toasts room and as we were talking Chronos comes down and asks us why we were in toasts room and he said well I'm trying to talk with my friend in privacy, so Chronos says to us well can you guys please leave the channel when at that moment I did(I left to the SWU channel to talk with other friends) but then my friend grew a cocky attitude and told the admin to go fuck himself and left before the admin could finish talking to him so Explosive joins the channel and told us what had just happened and what he did and how he was being a dick to the admins and i said dude why would you do that your a dumbass and he said because the admins don't control me so after he said that I told him, hey I'm gonna go use the restroom and get a drink so I had left to do so and I cam back to it saying I was perm banned from the ts and I was super butthurt and crying because I didn't do anything wrong and I really didn't want to be banned. So a day passed after all that chaos in the ts and my 2 day RDM ban was up so I went to get on the server and it said (BattlEye: Admin Ban ([Res] Skye_UpdatedToPerm_Perm_Res)) and after i saw that i bursted out in tears because i wasn't looking to be perm banned i really didn't want any beef between me and the admins I was trying to get a new start to the server but i guess i fucked that up because it didn't go to well and to be honest with you res everytime I forget him banned from easys and I go to get on i see that message and i cry and start to have suicidal thoughts and micro cut myself its not anything against you its just easys was the only thing I played on arma and arma is the only game I play and i would always wake up super early in the morning everyday to get on easys and see what new things happen like gold convoys or if I can get a set amount of money or if I can get my dream heli stuff like that and now that I'm perm banned and can do that i legit have depression because of this because now i don't know what to do because easys was my life (i know make fun of me all you want but its true) so if there is anything I can do to get unbanned please ill do it I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused and all the people I've pissed off so if you have it in your heart to read all of this and give me a second chance i will be 100% positive that I will not mess up with anything like rules such as RDM/VDM/Trolling/and failed initiation I know that those are things I have messed up on but its because my rp isn't the best and I came on easys to get better and I swear that if I get unbanned my RP skills will get way better everyday I play and I will be sure to do everything by the book and be a respectful person to people and admins. I'm sorry for all I've done please forgive me." Now After reading this and going over how I was back then Res I can See why you did ban me and you know what Im happy you did because within the year that You banned me I always think back on your response "Since you've come back off your original permanent ban you've done nothing but lie and troll our server and community, this toxic and immature behavior is not something we need nor want around here. Appeal Denied." And I try to better myself every day to not be a troll and to not be a toxic little shit I realise that when you're toxic and just a mainstream troll it fucks up all the fun for people around you and really effects the community in a really bad way so since you shined that light on me I have taken it very very hard and I keep it close to the heart I think about It everytime I see Easys pop up in the server list and I really do miss the server I know it's like "Oh you're just saying that dumbass sim not falling for it" Well im not just saying that I really mean it I want to Have fun on the server and get a fresh start with a new look on the server and myself im gonna not be a dumb little kid who trolls at every living moment they can and im gonna own up to my senses so if you do actually read all of this and want a verbal apology as well Res Ill be more then happy to give you one because I really want you to know that I care and that im dedicated to getting unbanned to better myself and have fun on a well-made server managed by the best and active staff. So all in all if you do read this please don't just insta ban me just think about it and remember that it has been a full year from the ban I do realise that I fucked up beyond hard on my end but I really want to make it up to you so rez if you don't ban me from the forums and decide to give me One Final Final FINAL Chance I will be very very grateful and not mess it up I want you to be able to say "Yea he use to be a troll Now I changed him he's an active player who plays fair." So Again and im sorry for repeating myself here But Please just be reasonable about this I really want to get unbanned because I've learned that I fucked up and I keep your words close to my heart that being a "Toxic Troll To The Community" Is a extremely fucked up thing to be and I see that now that I have more maturity So Res if you decide to keep me banned after all of this can you please tell me why and what I can do to fix my mistakes. Thanks For Reading. Evidence: The last screenshot ever took on easys https://gyazo.com/13e27b78f7c389efd43b7b8a0a39e419 Additional Comments and Information:
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