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  1. Thank you Coby, you have a good night.
  2. In-Game Name: Acrolect Usual Name: Acrolect Player ID: 76561198083546170 Type of Ban: Racism Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Never, I'm new to the server. Ban Message / Reason: ([Coby] Racism_Acro) Your Story: I was looking around and screwing about in the help chat, It's pretty late at night and I was feeling like joking, I said a racial slur and thought It'd be funny, despite me being black the word pulls no weight on me, I've been recently informed by a close friend that racism is strictly forbidden and highly looked down upon on the server, which is fully understandable, and I completely respect that. I'll avoid ever using a racial slur again, especially in the help chat, and refrain from abusing the help chat, and instead play the game like everyone else shoot - clean & nice. Evidence: thanks for reading, again, I'm truly sorry and can assure you this will /never/ happen again, I'll be on my best behavior and stay out of trouble, I'm rather new to the server and I'm getting use to everything and having fun, this has been the best Arma 3 server I've played on so far, and It seems very promising, I'd hate to mess up the opportunity of having fun simply due to my ignorance and state of mind when abusing the word in the help chat. Thanks again, - Acro. Additional Comments and Information: