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  1. Mass Unban and Wipe

    Wait....so the only person who has talked to s1k is barbosa? I'm confused....because literally every other folk above my pay grade has confirmed a relative MIA....if things were gonna be popping from a recode, shit would be advertised. Sorry dude...but methinks you're recalling the month of February and winter of 2017. I hope you're right, though. A wipe and and unban of non mass trolls isn't going to hurt any of the five people still allowed on the server.
  2. In-Game Name: Colonel Panick Usual Name: Denton Cooley Player ID: 76561198009552319 Type of Ban: Exploiting / Glitching Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? no Ban Message / Reason: Exploiting-RES Your Story: I goofed. Someone showed me that one could make millions of dollars by buying and selling a particular item from a certain type of market. I absent mindedly enjoyed having millions of dollars on the server, and didn't consider it being a auto-ban offense. If unbanned for this offense, it won't happen again. I truly didn't think twice about it... just thought "oh, neat." Until the next day, after which I realized this was a tried and true server offense. Regardless of my personal opinions and feelings, I do apologize and I won't do it again. Evidence: Perma Ban Exploiting RES Additional Comments and Information: Won't happen again. Didn't think twice, until it was too late. Res, or whomever, please feel free to PM me regarding this matter if you require more information. Thanks!
  3. I think we knew this was coming a month ago

    Womp womp........ Oh........ Well, shit. See you in Zeus, KOTH and all the other AL servers? Lol :'( .....but seriously....I hope this is all just plain incorrect. But just for the sake of it all, feel free to add me to Steam, family! https://steamcommunity.com/id/kernelpanick/
  4. I think we knew this was coming a month ago

    Were their appeals denied Jaster? I was just banned along with the person who got me into EAL in the beginning. I was banned for something I didn't think about being an offense (selling Opium seeds for millions - I'm fairly certain - and...In retrospect, absolutely "exploiting" or "glitching" but.... I also feel like that's more of a band-aid on something that can be (relatively) easily patched. A warning would suffice, as I wouldn't do it again. I feel like this is a shared experience among more than a small handful of folks...though I could be wrong there. TBH, most of the reason I've still been coming here is for the community of friends and folks who contribute, and lately, much less the content of the roleplay (which is why I was originally invested, and contributed over 100USD of my own income.) I'd love to see some individuals get un-permed, as I think that's fairly extreme for a first offense punishment. Granted, it is explicitly against the rules, almost all of the bans are more like, as I said, band-aids...banned-aids....ban-aids.........for things that could and should be patched.....but a slap on the wrist is usually enough to wake up anyone with enough sense to be worth keeping around. It's a goddamn shame that things have gone downhill as of late. I don't think this is irreconcilable. I do think that s1k' will come back around, or will pass the torch, and I think that certain folks ban-aids can be appealed. The days of winter, where people role-played to fit in, and to have the interaction that many of us Northern Hemisphere folks couldn't have in the frigid cold, will be upon us again. S1k' has a family, and it's nice enough to leave the house here in Chicagoland. Res has a server to keep under control, and who knows what else to deal with in their life. Shit happens, but shit can also get better. We can all improve, and while this may be wildly projected and false, I feel like there are enough people in this community to continue forging, to resurrect and to rebuild the server we all know, love, and have given our ~very tangible~ time and money to. Fingers crossed, with love, -Colonel Panick
  5. Arma 3 Launching Issue

    as much as i love spending time with you on team viewer..... here's your answer my dude; probs fixed by tomorrow. if you're impatient, upgrade that Windows 95 to Windows 10 Free. You can boot out of safe mode now. xoxox -kernelpanic https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/1727575977552988209/ Никола ॐ 7 hours ago Help please, " Windows cannot acces specified device, path or file. Ypu may not have the aproppriate permissions to acces the item" Guys, i bought the game yesterday and i get this. It happened after some update that was 6 mb in size. I literaly tried everythimg people said online and still no fix, does anyone have solution? Showing 1-2 of 2 comments Elliot 54 minutes ago Its not on your side, must be a bug as it has hit loads of people today #1 racdavies 49 minutes ago Issue is with battle eye by the look of it. one person on another post says he fixed it by deleting all battle eye related files but it didnt work for me.
  6. Arma 3 Launching Issue

    do not uninstall steam.
  7. Arma 3 Launching Issue

    You need to move all the files related to Arma from D to H, and you need to let either your shortcut, or steam, know where this is located. I would recommend reinstalling to the proper directory, after reinstalling from Steams menu. It should take care of the issue. This is not a driver related incident. There are free applications that assist in moving game files to different directories. I wouldn't recommend doing it manually. I've use this in the past, to great ends: http://www.traynier.com/software/steammover
  8. EAL playlist.....

    figured this may be the best sub genre to list this playlist... music OF and inspired BY EAL. xoxo
  9. For my Rebels, my Smugglers....

    hustle on
  10. Woods - 16 - CA App

    +10 from seniorita panick! woods is great RP, knows the ropes, and is a great dude to hang out with. was formative with showing me some of the basics I needed to get down!
  11. Looking for a Car

    I'm in chicago.... so I'll surmise about halfway :):)
  12. Looking for a Car

    Ive got a 2003 crown vic police interceptor I'm trying to get rid of, trying to get 1500 but is negotiable.
  13. Anyone have any GTX GPU's they'd sell?

    The trick is the LEDs, for each RGB LED you have it increases your hashing power by 50MH/s.... Now just waiting for the 80 20 alluminum for a real chassis and.... the entire worlds supply of GPUs to replenish at realistic prices
  14. Jealous... OG or this'n?

    fredo from chi? i dont think he is any more.... but i suppose he could be again. he does like his bologna sandwiches. "trappin aint dead...it's just going to county for a few months"