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  1. Must be legit because youtube has suggested a bunch of gang and prison videos after it ended. Editing and title card shit is good but it needs a voiceover, clips on you interviewing and hopefully way longer lol.
  2. VDM Report - mrarmybarmy - Resolved

    Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: mrarmybarmy Your In-Game Name: [EMS FR-11] Achillespeace Situation: VDMed group at kavala square. Why Should the Player be Banned? Clear intentional VDM Evidence: Will send to admin handling. Still uploading Additional Comments and Information:
  3. VDM Report - alamo - Resolved

    Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: alamo Your In-Game Name: Achilleswar Situation: I just finished gassing up in between Sofia and Pyros, heading back to the highway, when a car with 2 occupants came flying off the highway and crashed into me. One guy went flying through the window and splattered. Didnt catch his name. Not sure if intentional or not so i just fixed up the car, which got effed right up, and said goodbye to the survivor, alamo. Then as I fixed my vehicle, alamo, came back around in the fixed car and ran me over like a bitch. I asked for comp, did not understand his reply. Why Should the Player be Banned? Vdmed my ass. Seemingly gave zero fucks. I had shit to do. Even though it made me laugh, buddy needs a smack. Evidence: Part 2 Additional Comments and Information: Im no interweb movie maker. I hit save on shadowplay a few times so there are 3 videos. Accident happens like 6:34 in part 1.(Actually my house is in part 1. So i will direct this one too.) Saved get the vdm. Then saved the comp attempt. The comp attempt video make contain some adult material as i was chillin after i died. I can provide direct to admin if need be. I had shit to do buddy. Cold.
  4. Aliens real? Or just a crackpot?

    Mathematically aliens exist. Mathematically they are unlikely to find earth. And if they did find earth, why would they spookily harass us. All alien stuff is way too similar to bigfoot stuff to be real.
  5. Farming Grow Ops! - How to get started

    Does a server restart destroy the grow op?
  6. Howdy C8

    Im Achilleswar on the server and Ive been wanting to play this Altis Life for a long time. The Christmas sale on steam finally pushed me over the edge to get Arma 3 and all the DLC. I find the RP aspect very entertaining and unique so I thought I would try it out. Only started on Christmas day but Im loving it so far. Been trying to keep my nose clean and learn the ways of mining and ore processing. In RL Im a 29 year old electrician in Alberta so Ill be playing mostly at night and on weekends mountain time. Cant wait to hit 2 weeks and apply again to become EMS so I can use that wicked EMS paint job on my truck. Always looking to learn new stuff in the game and help out other newbies with the basics as I learn them as well. Im glad there is a seemingly serious community supporting this server so Im excited to get involved. And how do I rob people exactly? Haha see ya out there.