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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/

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  1. BOONKED a Cop Car

    drives into pd in the video ... #BANNED
  2. Notorious Gangsters Recruitment.

    yeah ik ... I just learned how to read and +1 to this recruitment forum
  3. Notorious Gangsters Recruitment.

    wdym "when"
  4. Minitage

    lol skrrt, thanks and only if u pay me.
  5. Hello Members!!

  6. How high can we count without someone ruining it?

    donate it to me and ill help
  7. Minitage

    Much thanks
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  9. pretty good eal montage (imo)

    feelsbadman for all cops
  10. Universal Rebel Initiation

    Together we can all make great things
  11. Universal Rebel Initiation

    Stop and surrender or be engaged by [gang name/names] support, we have P07, 4-Five .45, Rook-40, Zubr .45, ACP-C2 .45, Vermin, Sting, PDW2000, MX, MX 3GL, MXC, Katiba, Katiba GL, Katiba Carbine, MK20, TRG-21, TRG-20, SDAR, MXM, Rahim, Mk18 ABR, Mk-1 EMR, MAR-10, Cyrus, ASP-1 Kir, Mk14, M320 LRR, GM6 Lynx, MX SW, Zafir, Mk200, SPMG, NAVID, PCML, Titan MPRL, Titan MPRL Compact, RPG-42, AH-99 Blackfoot, UH-80 Ghost-Hawk, AH-164 Wipeout, Ifrit HMG, Ifrit GMG, PO-30 Orca, Mi-48 Kajman, To-199 Neophron, Strider HMG, Strider GMG, WY-55 Hellcat, A-143 Buzzard. Feel free to add to this list.