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  1. Forknife

    add me so we can play?
  2. Curb Your Exile

    tbh I put my earplugs in cuz i thought it was going to be loud.
  3. Woods - 16 - CA App

    +1 smells good smash tbh
  4. Yeetage

    this is prolly the worst song you could have picked but nice clips
  5. pfh ... some light shit
  6. nice montage *this is a paid comment btw ... give me my 12 mil*
  7. watch yo jet

  8. APD Press Release - House Raid

    yeah but because of the airdrops u can flip it and make money or not have to buy a loadout which saves u money
  9. APD Press Release - House Raid

    to be honest ... kinda shows how fucked the economy is just a "little".
  10. BOONKED a Cop Car

    drives into pd in the video ... #BANNED
  11. Notorious Gangsters Recruitment.

    yeah ik ... I just learned how to read and +1 to this recruitment forum
  12. Notorious Gangsters Recruitment.

    wdym "when"