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  1. Report Type: Greenzone Violation Player In-Game Name: beast Your In-Game Name: Blastomatic Situation: Completed transport mission to Kavala. Pulled out SUV and drove to square without incident. Unlocked and exited vehicle, at which point beast entered before I could lock it. He then drove away and did not return, stealing my car from a green zone. Why Should the Player be Banned? This rule is repeated literally every time someone enters a green zone. There is no excuse for being ignorant of it, as proper GZ behavior is core to limiting cancer on the server. Evidence: VIDEO TIMELINE 0:00 Video begins, 2:11 transport mission ends and I try and figure out where to go next, 3:20 I pull out SUV, 4:39 beast steals my car as I park it at Kavala Square and he drives off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiSqnj6TOYo Additional Comments and Information: Issue reported to Ace Bravo in TS Support.
  2. Community Meeting

    +1 If things get wild, I can wave my copy of Robert’s Rules of Order at the rowdies.
  3. Hello, everyone!

    Hi, my name is Blastomatic, and I've been here in Altis for ten days. Since coming out of my coma, I've met many interesting people, as well as several that were just the absolute pits. I enjoy fishing, driving fast, rockhounding for gems, and just relaxing in Kavala Square. I'd like to become an EMS some day and maybe get a house with a great view of the mountain.