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  1. Of course... Shoutout to @Tyrone the Legend in dusty's resignation topic for his generous assistance to the APD Traffic Management team.
  2. Batmans Resignation

    I don't know how this is possible but I don't have a single screenshot of you in game from my entire time here to share. So here's this gif instead, take care man.
  3. Nothing will ever top this I have no idea how I'm ever going to build anything close to this again without you. Best of luck man.
  4. American Truck Simulator Funny Moments #2

    10/10 would let you flip over my shipment of cars again.
  5. hey can u check my app for police


  6. Teamspeak Push To Talk problem

    TeamSpeak 3 was updated yesterday with changes involving hotkeys (i.e. push to talk and etc) I don't have a fix, but it seems like related information. Personally my PTT still works (F8) TeamSpeak 3.1.2 Update Changelog: http://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/130398-TeamSpeak-3-Client-3-1-2-released?p=444585#post444585
  7. Hey man remember me, in the second application I did revise my age and now it is correct but like I stated you would have to look to know that, I did not disrespect your organization I was trying to help. As an example today an officer shot at me while I was standing on the side of the road. When I questioned him about it he denied it and preceded to drive away while I was trying to have a civilized conversation. I like your server but things like this make me hate the community. So if you would actually look you would see my birth date is legit and as many people say don't trust people on the internet so I hope you understand why I "Lied". Not that I care about being a cop anymore because I have a movement started and your cops will soon feel it tremble, until we meet again I wish you good day "May the pinkshirts rise to power."

    1. xXShoot2ThrillXx


      If you would like I will gladly get on TS to talk with you in a civilized manner.


  8. I hereby refuse to comment on that allegation as it might possibly have been true.
  9. It's all about staying calm and collected under that kind of pressure. What they did not realize as I was sitting there is I was deep into my meditation cycle and my gathered zen made me impenetrable of fear. Great photo thou 10/10
  10. You must be really bored if you made it to my profile. So here's a gif (PRONOUNCED JIF) to welcome you.


    1. Julie Cel

      Julie Cel

      I'm so bored it hurts....