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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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  1. Exploiting / Glitching Appeal - [ARC]Ed / Ed

    You need to chill out. The ban was automatic from our anti-cheat system and requires a restart to completely clear, as Paul said.
  2. Actually confused on the grading aspect Lance...

    What he said.
  3. Other Appeal - Wyatt / Wyatt

    Appeal Accepted.
  4. I like this! Awesome introduction to the server. Moved to community tutorials.
  5. APD Press Release - House Raid

    no clue lol
  6. APD Press Release - House Raid

    https://plays.tv/video/5976b5d15c74342e19?from=user I sounded so young lol
  7. APD Press Release - House Raid

    Benifits of a GZ house: Other players can't rob it Cons of a GZ house: The APD can raid it and you watch all of your items get dumped on the floor
  8. APD Press Release - House Raid

    Yeah.. there's a lot of these houses. And this one was a small house. Imagine what's in his 2 story
  9. Altis Police Department PRESS RELEASE In the afternoon of June 9th, 2018, the Altis Police Department conducted a raid on the house of a suspect that had fled from the police and disposed of a weapon in his house. Upon searching the house, the APD confiscated 1,162 items valuing a total of $73,613,240. All of the items were taken back to the police station in cargo trucks where the items were inventoried and then stored in evidence. A full breakdown of the house inventory will be provided below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MXP5k8DJ2wNJOYc64LU2RC-JOak5ACL_/view?usp=sharing
  10. RDM Report - Tony Alphonse

    He initiated at a distance that you would have been able to hear if you had your earplugs in and not everyone was speaking as loud.
  11. RDM Report - Tony Alphonse

    Counter evidence was provided: He initiated on you via voice and you drove away. Report denied.
  12. VDM Report - [2-03] Jordan Jay

    Although the person in question really should not have been driving that close to you, I would not consider it VDM. It's close for sure, but your vehicle was never disabled and there was no advantage given to the opposing party (AKA, they did not disable your car then hop out and arrest you). I will make sure the party in question is spoken to on this matter since it was a close call, however I do not see the need for a stricter punishment. Report Resolved.
  13. VDM Report - [2-03] Jordan Jay

    Alright.. time did not allow. Tomorrow it is.
  14. Combatlog Appeal - TRI | Hailfire / Hailfire

    Please do explain how you know you were banned for 2 days but you haven't gotten on to check the reason?
  15. VDM Report - [2-03] Jordan Jay

    I will review this report tonight, if time allows.