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  1. Combat Log Timer After Restart

    You should wait out the timer.
  2. Other Appeal - BackwoodJack / BackwoodJack

    Infistar bans are issued by our server's anti cheat system automatically. A head admin will have to review the logs in order to validate this appeal. Thank you for you patience. Pending Review
  3. Type 115 is a personal favorite of mine. Sure, it's 6.5 but the fire rate is insane. By the time you have 2 rounds off on the MK1, you've got 4 from the 115. Plus, you get 30 round magazines instead of 20. Helps to have more bullets imo. Recoil is easy to manage, and it has the added bonus of the .50 under barrel for "those" situations. Not the greatest long range weapon - even with the under barrel, but still a great close (or even medium) range weapon.
  4. Tyler9400 - 17 - CA App

    Not the place for it. If you have any evidence like that, it should be brought up to a staff member instead of posted publicly for everyone to see since racism is not tolerated what so ever. The video you posted is hidden from view, but still accessible by the appropriate staff personnel.
  5. Channel 7

    Good times...
  6. Selling Toast Hat - Closed

  7. Selling Toast Hat - Closed

    1.3 mil? Jeez
  8. PA-TD Recruitment Letter

    Defeat Denied. Please try again.
  9. PA-TD Recruitment Letter

    excuse me, that resolved template is copyrighted to C8 Gaming. Using this template without prior authorization from staff is a violation of the Copyright Act. See you in court.
  10. PA-TD Recruitment Letter

    excuse me, that denial template is copyrighted to the Altis Police department. Using this template without prior authorization is a violation of the Copyright Act. See you in court.
  11. Gear Comp Request - [AR]Slasher

    "back round" ---> "background"
  12. Top 10 Most Wanted Issues

    That show is incredibly inaccurate. At the end of episode 2 the main character takes a shot at a hostage taker holding the hostage in front of him with a gun to their head from about 300-500 yards away while standing up and shooting offhand on the platform of a helicopter. Somehow he missed the hostage but hit the guy right in the head. If it weren't for Hollywood, shooting from that position would cause the bullet to go so many feet off target it's ridiculous. He could have shot at the guy and hit someone 10 feet away for that matter. Also, in the beginning of episode 1, the weapons dealers start shooting at the cops with handguns but the sound effects literally sound like full auto rifles. Show Accuracy: 2/10
  13. Speed Radars

    Also, the Help desk is not the proper location for a poll. Moved to general discussion.
  14. Speed Radars

    Why would you want them removed? It adds to the role play in my opinion. Don't go speeding through square... problem solved
  15. Under glow

    There's no law that I know of. Feel free to PM me details, or a video if possible.