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  1. [Event] Image Hunting

  2. [Event] Image Hunting

    its in the lobby of drug cartel
  3. John - 19 - CA App

  4. Little Montage

    This is so old that i was still a normal officer
  5. The future of the APD

    i wish i can use a type 115 on patrol ....
  6. The future of the APD

    To be fair its an mxm so ...
  7. that moment when only one certain cop died in all of these clips lmao
  8. Party Dusty's Going Away party!

    Im ready.
  9. RDM Report - Kanji - Denied

    Your YouTube video is unavailable. You have 48 hours to fix it or post a new video or the report will be denied.
  10. Yeaaa.... i didnt finish the video when i heard the music tbh .... and now im glad
  11. the music is something my 4 year old daughter would listen to she would approve however i do not -1
  12. Drag racing gone wrong

    Thats the last time you will try to race tyrone!
  13. Kevin Bacon Resignation

    i legit almost cried for a second i love playing cop and being in the middle of a gun fight with like 15 rebels and this dude shows up like it aint shit then i forgot my fellow officers are dying