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  1. In-Game Name: Tomatoes this is for shoutbox ban Usual Name: toamtoes Player ID: 21savagedab Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? no Ban Message / Reason: none Your Story: I didn't do anything and then I got banned from the shoutbox for no reason Evidence: ad Additional Comments and Information: Don't lock this post
  2. In-Game Name: Tomatoes this is for TS ban Usual Name: Tomatoes Player ID: 235325352357564475 Type of Ban: Trolling Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: You are banned temporarily. Reason: "Tomatoes_ScreamerTroll_12Hours_Duck" Your Story: I accidentally sent DuckHunter a jump scare when I was trying to show him something and then I got banned. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/50ae76c120951e2b25a24dd25bda95f2 Additional Comments and Information:
  3. Tomatoes Rebel Resignation Letter

    Bruh I feel like some of you guys are retarded because some people in ts are like why are you in here I thought you said you quit the server and I'm like bruh I said I'm going to take a break do you not know how to read or something
  4. Tomatoes Rebel Resignation Letter

    I'm still going to be in the teamspeak but not on the server so I am basically like a Captain now
  5. Hey what's up nerds savage savage dab dab I am going to be taking a break from the server. I know I am a savage but savages also have to take breaks so I want everyone to have savage futures and make sure to dab on them haters gang gang gang peace out.
  6. That's actually really funny lol
  7. Looking for a Son - Applications

    Name: Tromatoes Aspirations: Too sum day shoot up kavala square and not get banned Profession: i don';t od nything Hobbies: rdming people If you're pro RP or pro RDM: definitly pro rdm becuse i am sooper gud at it How many genders are there?: like a round 1 billion Do you like the cops?: of corse not Comp or ban: ban Are you a weeb?: no Does Beatsy have a mic?: no Have you been banned?: ya lick on tillion time Permed?:uh i dunt tink so Toxic?: is tis evin a qeustiun Are you in book gang?: i m boonk gang Your current meme: eating booty Do you get montage clips?: uh yea Picture of your dankest meme: your mom
  8. EAL Search and Destroy event

    Since I don't have any friends can I just be on my own team or join the staff team if they make one please
  9. We need 4 more people and 1 reserve player. The requirements to join are just to be good and get on when the event is happening. Current people on the team Tomatoes If you want to join just post on here
  10. Minecraft Savagery Montage

    Oh snap your right don't report me please
  11. There isn't a separate forum thing for MC so I had to put it in here but check out my montage
  12. "Inactives" Team recruitment for Warlords

    Sure but I've been getting trash frames lately
  13. Tomatoes - 16 - CA App - Denied

    That is correct