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  1. Want some free wallpapers from me? - @flawivus

    @Blue Got some of dem DUAL MONITOR's?
  2. Best of luck to you Dusty, it's been fun. Don't let Duckhunter get under your skin. He's just wishing he has as good of grammar as you do.
  3. Issues with player syncing

    There was a housing wipe just recently. If you haven't put something into it within the last 3 months, it was cleaned up.
  4. Worth a watch

    I felt almost the same way
  5. Worth a watch

    This video starts out slow, but only gets better as it goes by. It's worth watching to the end believe me.
  6. Hey Everyone!

    noice. Glad to have ya here.
  7. RDM Report - [EPA] Sheev Palpatine - Resolved

    Topic locked pending review.
  8. Toast's retirement from Staff.

    Now who will tell me I'm doing a good job? ;n;
  9. Help me

  10. StoryTime Bandits Gang OPEN RECRUITMENT

    10/10 GIF
  11. Hello there! It is with a lot of excitement that I present to all of you the newest gang to the server. The StoryTime Bandits! Who are the StoryTime Bandits? STB is a gang newly founded and owned by yours truly. I have 2 very trusted individuals at my side who assist in any and all decisions regarding this group. Cheyowen and DuckHunter. We've been friends for over a year, and are pushing two years at this rate. We love this community very much and want to show people that no matter how bad things seem to get on the rebel/civilian side of the server, there is always a group that can be fun to play with and isn't in it just for the thrill of the kill. What do the StoryTime Bandits do? Well, we roleplay. Lots of it too. Really what it comes down to is that the StoryTime Bandits are under most circumstances normal citizens of Altis. However, they all have mental instabilities that make them do rather ruthless things from time to time. Each and every member of the StoryTime Bandits must have this desire to do bad suppressed through entertainment. The most frequent of which is to take someone hostage and force them to provide said entertainment. Whether that's through singing and dancing, telling wonderful and exciting stories, and making the bandits involved laugh. Simply put, if this desire to do bad is satisfied by the person whom is a hostage, then the bandits will gladly let you go, give you a pat on the ass, and send you on your way with a bit of love (maybe a good gun, some money, or whatever you need). That being said, if you fail to entertain them, they will be forced to satisfy their desires with other means, such as slowly shooting you to death, or removing your kidneys prior to ending your life and taking your possessions. Take heart though friends, your fate is entirely in your hands and we can be some of your best friends on the plains and mountains of Altis! Why should I be interested in the StoryTime Bandits? Well, first of all we don't regard ourselves on any one faction's side besides ourselves and our friends. It doesn't matter if you're a civilian, a rebel, or a cop, STB simply has their own desires and isn't really against anyone. Never once will you hear or see a member of STB taking up arms against a group with the intentions of just killing them. Only if a real reason is present will this happen. Such as a STB vehicle being stolen, a member in danger, or a rival gang threatens STB with real intentions. As mentioned above, most the time these bandits are normal people. You can find them roaming around any city taking part in LOADS of roleplay events. Playing games in square, selling ice-cream from their ice-cream trucks, or having a party! We even have some folks here that sell RedBurgers! All of our members are creative and think of new ways to benefit Altis and our server here on a regular basis. Are the StoryTime Bandits Recruiting? Why yes we are. We don't want to get super big, so we have a limited number of slots available and you will have to be invited personally to the gang. That being said, you simply need to hang out with the bandits and get to know them and prove you are material for this awesome fun group. Even if that's helping them satisfy their desires for entertainment ;). All you have to do is be a chill guy, and either myself or one of my two co-owners will reach out to you and invite you to the group. The members of the StoryTime Bandits advertise their public phone numbers for anyone's access and you can text us any time if you need help, want to roll around, or just chill with us. What's unique about the StoryTime Bandits? First of all, the members of STB follow a name code. Each member's name is a variation of mine; BlackJoker. Every bandit is given a color (based on roster availability) that will become their new name, pending a name change down at the courthouse. We do this to make sure everyone is on a similar playing field and are easily recognizable. We don't want STB to be feared, but rather to be enjoyed. Being kidnapped doesn't mean you should be angry. Worried sure, nervous yes, but overall STB is here to enable everyone to have a good time! What are the names of the owners? [STB] BlackJoker - Myself [STB] WhiteJoker - DuckHunter [STB] GreyJoker - Cheyowen Thanks for reading this, and I hope you all enjoy your time on this server! Please feel free to ask questions below. Signed [STB] BlackJoker [STB] WhiteJoker [STB] GreyJoker
  12. 21st Birthday Request of ALL of you!

    My birthday you twat.
  13. 21st Birthday Request of ALL of you!

    Today is the day!