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  1. Trolling Appeal - =AU= Vulcan - Denied

    Denied Video evidence was provided from 9 different people and covered almost an hour long period of your actions. This is in addition to the 4 staff members who were present for the majority of the time. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and its highly encouraged that you change your habits before a harsher punishment is dealt
  2. Combat Log Report - [NG] SkrrtSkrrt - Denied

    Yes this is a rule, HOWEVER, you were not in a group with TU. Evidence provided shows people from this video confirming they had nothing to do with TU. Please join the teamspeak at ts3.a3lrp.com if you have questions
  3. Combat Log Report - [NG] SkrrtSkrrt - Denied

    Report Denied. You weren't within 100m and not with the other guy Skrrt killed. Therefore you were not engaged with Skrrt. Your group had taken no action to engage Skrrt Skrrt
  4. RDM Appeal - Gerry adams / Enda - Denied

    Appeal Denied At the time of the initiation, the officer was not in visual range for the RP scenario, nor was he engaged at the time of the shooting
  5. RDM Appeal - Gerry adams / Enda - Denied

    Appeal Denied At the time of initiation, the APD officer was not within line of sight, and was not involved with the current robbery.
  6. You could have saved all of us alot of trouble and just left instead of making us read some dam post you fucking inbred idiot. </3
  7. Fail Roleplay Report - Jake Jennings - Denied

    Denied no rules were broken
  8. Yet another player who CLAIMS to be able to RP, yet all he can do is post sub par "montages". Including with cops at the end TRYING to roleplay and getting gunned down
  9. Older member playing again

    I joined at 23, im 27 now
  10. RDM Report - [3-26] Jordan Jay - Resolved

    Report Resolved
  11. Fail Roleplay Report - [ARA] lbarra - Resolved

    Report Resolved
  12. RDM Report - [FIA] Marco Varriale - Resolved

    Report Resolved
  13. RDM Report - [ARA] Doey - Resolved

    Report Resolved
  14. RDM Report - [3-01] MoonMoon - Resolved

    Report Resolved