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  1. XXXTentacion - A Ghetto Christmas Carol

    A post was made on his FB Page I don't like em much but yeah here ''XXX has NOT been sentenced to 77 years or ANY time. His court date was NOT trial, he’s currently in holding without bail at the moment because his fans threatened the judge after he posted the court info. Don’t believe the rumors, his ex contacted him weeks ago saying she’d drop the charges and apologized to him then openly admits she was not pregnant during the past situation. She went to the court and tried to drop the charges and admitted she lied about everything but being that he was in contact with her it was a violation so they held him until the case is over. Spread this message out to all the real fans so they know he will be home in a matter of time.''
  2. Lil Baby My Dawg

  3. Little EMS Photo Shoot

    I'm in the last one... All of them are dope asf tho
  4. NBA YoungBoy - Untouchable

  5. Kill Montage #2

    I'm just walk past this one