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  1. Mass Unban and Wipe

    Why do yall keep mentioning other servers.. It honestly means nothing when yall do this.. Imma say this and be done.. The only person who can really answer the questions that you all have is the owner himself...
  2. It's Been a Ride

    Dam man another good one gone.. We appreciate you too homie.. Its been a wild, & wonderful experienced enjoyed you bruh... "Stay Breezy" - Mr. Paul
  3. Mass Unban and Wipe

  4. RDM Report - jean - Denied

    Report Locked -Pending Review Note: If you have any counter evidence that you would like to add on this report please bring it to help room.
  5. Other Appeal - [NG]Dylit / [NG]Dylit

    Evidence Provided. Awaiting Review.
  6. Fail Roleplay Report - Nikolai Kuznetsov - Denied

    Report Denied. Failure to give requested evidence within given time period
  7. Exploiting / Glitching Report - =TF= Jalali - Denied

    Report Denied. No evidence was provided. If your evidence has sensitive information information then you need to come into help room and give it to a staff member to post on the report. Otherwise you will need to post the evidence on the report.
  8. Vehicle Comp Request - Tyler Bravo

    Comp request withdrawn. Move to denied.
  9. Vehicle Comp Request - Tyler Bravo

    So is the comp request still needed?
  10. VDM Report - -Tin- Tame - Resolved

    Evidence Provided. Awaiting Review.