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  1. House Comp Request - Tony Bobidibony

    The items inside too if possiable. Idk what i had but if you coulds see logs or something like that. it would be amazing
  2. House Comp Request - Tony Bobidibony

    In-Game Name: Tony Bobidibony Request Type: House Player ID: 76561198243032840 Items Lost: I lost my Kavala house, independence beach house and one near the hunting grounds. I have played before the inactive player house wipe. Approximate Value of Lost Items: Kavala house : 5mil Indepenendence beach house : 750k Hunting grounds house 2.5 mil Evidence: I dont have any. But if you need proof for the houses i can maybe find some screen shots. Additional Comments and Information:
  3. Got a new cut today *gone sexual in the hood*

  4. Help me

  5. Heimerdinger Fun

    If you ever wanna play some league i'm always free. I need friends my usernames stuckinabottle (I play almost every gamemode)
  6. K imma +1 on your +1 on his +1 on your +1 on his +1
  7. 21st Birthday Request of ALL of you!

  8. 22 cop fed openin

    This is way to funny.
  9. PUBG Mini Montage

    holy shit i love your intro
  10. What a top 100000 NA players kills look like

    dont bee stealing my memes
  11. War On Normies

    Praise Kekistan
  12. I'm bad but ya know. Enjoy a lil.
  13. Whats your reasoning?

    Beatsy is mean to me. cri i wish he would notice me.