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  1. Batmans Resignation

    @Batman You’ve been a really great person on the APD and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. Maybe come back and setup a weed farm again some time?
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - Kevin Krims

    The 5 minute timer for initiation was reset when you shot me on the ground. The HEMTT was blown up 3 minutes after engagement (you killing me), not 6 minutes afterwards. The fact that the HEMTT was blown up without anyone inside of it, making it VDM, was a mistake of the pilot as he thought that you were inside of that, rather than in the Qilin. You were in a redzone and so was the Kajman. Redzones are KOS.
  3. Kill Montage #7

    Nice montage, great song as always
  4. 1 more chop shop bug

    This is a bug that I actually noticed the other day. After selling a vehicle at the chop shop, your client glitches and you are no longer able to access your y-menu, holster your weapon or other actions that are linked with the Altus Life mod. Relogging fixes the issue
  5. Greenzone Violation Report - LCPL Hessel - Denied

    Hessel was the one who was flying the Kajman and I was the one on the ground. I texted you while you were outside of the greenzone for you to get out of the vehicle and put your hands above your head, or you would be engaged by support. You started by complying, and we gave you additional orders to follow. You then proceed to get back into your truck, drive it into the Greenzone and then try and claim that we shot you inside of the greenzone without initiation. There was prior initiation and previous engagement before you entered the greenzone. As you will find in our server's rules: Highlighted by a red box you will find: "Running into a Green Zone to avoid roleplay nullifies the Green Zone protections from you." This means that, even though you were inside of a greenzone, we could still lethally engage you because you fled to the greenzone while in an active engagement.
  6. Next time, make sure that a random rebel that you meet at International is not an undercover cop, it will probably go better for your growing operations business. All in all though, great situation and was super fun to pretend to do a grow op with you, when in reality I was just waiting for the SWAT Offroad to drive 9km or something from International.
  7. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House - Closed

  8. House Creates not Placing.

    As a matter of fact I had exactly the same problem yesterday and was just going to wait for a restart for it to fix itself
  9. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome! Please enjoy your time here, and as s1k' said if you have any questions you can always hop into teamspeak and community members, not just staff, will be happy to help.
  10. Dear C8 Community, I apologize for the long wait, but I bring good news: The Kavala Times is back! The Times as a whole has been restructured and reformatted and so should help provide everyone with a fun, entertaining and enjoyable read on the forums. First of all, lets introduce our new Executive Team: Starting with myself, the Head. I am in charge of all operations and I am responsible for the overall performance of the Kavala Times. Davey Jones is the Deputy Head and he assists myself in managing and maintaining the organisation as a whole. Diovin Twigg is the Leader of the Editorial Division, he is responsible for the division that edits all of the submissions and formats them into separate articles, that can then be collated into one issue. Randy BoBandy is the Leader of the Journalism Division, and is responsible for all of the journalists completing some form of written, visual or other media that can be implemented into the issue. We also have a new feature to the Times, which we would like to announce. Previously, in order to submit articles for publishing, you were required to be apart of the Kavala Times. Now, any member of the community may submit any article, photo, video or artwork which can be reviewed and potentially included in one of our issues! The organisation as a whole is currently recruiting in all areas, including written journalism, photo media (screenshots, photos, videos, artwork), and any other area that interests you! As a basic requirement, all applicants must have been active within the C8 Gaming community for at least 2 weeks, and this includes the forums. If you are interested in recruitment, please contact anybody above! All information about the Kavala Times can be found here. If you have any questions, concerns, queries or interests in the Kavala Times, feel free to contact myself or any other executive via Teamspeak or Forum PM. I hope that this can add something new to the community and can be something that has a friendly, fun, cool and entertaining value. - Sharkbait
  11. RDM Report - smith - Resolved

    You can request compensation by submitting a compensation request here.
  12. Supporter Uniforms - Explained

    I am going to 100% try that
  13. Armed Air Vehicles

    I would also like to see non-homing missiles get added back to helicopters, such as Skyfires, however GBUs are just too overpowered for a server like ours. Maybe just adding more ammo to the cannons on Jets would solve the pricing issue, right now they only have 20 or 30mm cannons, for something that is up to 30 million. Making it spawn with more ammo could be the answer.
  14. RDM Report - Bow - Resolved

    The video seems to be working correctly now. Awaiting Review.
  15. Hazard's Weapon Dealing Thread

    Looks super cool, can't wait to try it out!