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  1. RDM Report - [FOX] Kodiak - Denied

    Denied: You decided to circle another player who was in the middle of a situation where he had supported initiated on him, With the way our initiation rules work its impossible for him to know if you are involved or not. Due to the aggressive behavior you showed by circling the player with an armed vehicle while he was engaged I do not see a ban being a fair punishment.
  2. Greenzone Violation Appeal - peter / peter - Denied

    Denied: Even if he was trolling which there is no evidence supporting your claim, there are other ways to deal with these situations. You decided to remove the player from his vehicle and start ramming other vehicles in square which makes no sense if you were just trying to deal with a troll honking his horn. Next time if you have an issue come in TS and deal with it properly. Your ban is also 3 days not a perm.
  3. Fail Roleplay Report - Kodiac - Denied

    Denied: You clearly initiated on Kodiak and your video does not have 5 minutes leading up to the incident or any actual proof of where the other APD members where at the time.
  4. Greenzone Violation Report - peter - Resolved

  5. VDM Report - [GGS] Williams - Resolved

  6. RDM Report - Sheev Palpatine - Denied

    Denied In the video, you hear MoonMoon say that he received text messages. The video is also not long enough as the kajman engages at 2:27.
  7. Resolved There is only enough evidence against offended by everything, as for the other players without proper proof we can not take action.
  8. RDM Report - Chris P. Berry - Resolved

  9. Resolved: Ban has been reduced
  10. Racism Report - James - Denied

  11. RDM Report - Lt Kodiak - Denied

    Denied: There is no proof in this report of the officer on top of why wifi being rdmed.
  12. RDM Report - [USPMC] Pvt. Kevin S - Denied

    Denied: If you're going to play as press you need to actually rp the role for the press rules to apply to you. Going fishing with your friend is not a press activity and by using the press uniform to prevent people from robbing you while doing these other activities is fail rp. Also while playing press you must be driving a press vehicle or a non-military vehicle which you were not doing at the time which allowed the players to rob you.