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  1. Issues and Fixes for current Server Status.

    I think what many people are missing and not understanding right now is that most (and by most I mean the large majority) of the problems the server has been experiencing for the past while is above a CA, Mod, or Administartor's power/ability to solve. Sure, some of these are great points, but we can't have a mass unban, server wipe, or any big changes like that without the server owner around, and whether you like it or not, he's currently not and hasn't been for a while. Sure, we could have "community" meetings right now if we wanted too, but anything that comes out of them couldn't really be implemented without a server owner. Whether you understand it or not, that's how it is set up to work. The administrators don't have the power or ability to keep the server up and carry out big changes themselves. Like @DuckHunter said " most of this is above my pay grade unfortunately ". I want what is best for the server, and trust me all of server staff does too, but unfortunately all of staff answers to one person who has the ability to make physical changes, and that person isn't around. Despite what Tap said in his post (which I would agree with, if the server was in a better state), I would personally hold myself from donating to the server in it's current state. I personally feel as if it's a gamble right now, with nobody (including many members of Staff) not knowing what is going to happen in the future. I don't say this intending to deter anyone who wants to donate to the server and help, I am saying this solely to perhaps help somebody save their money in the event the server doesn't make it. All this being said, nobody really knows what is happening, or what the future of the server is, including members of the server staff. Try not to bother them about "where is the patch/recode" or "why haven't you done this". They don't know anything more than you, and they don't have the ability to do as much as you think. I think it's best if we all just play our vidya gaemz and wait. Maybe something will happen, maybe something won't.
  2. Other Appeal - Ketch / Ketch

    Appeals on the infiSTAR forums are for infiSTAR global bans (meaning you are banned from playing on any server with infiSTAR activated). You likely received a local infiSTAR ban, which infiSTAR wouldn't interfere with. Your ban is likely a false alarm, automatic ban (these happen quite often unfortunately), and will be handled as soon as someone can get to it assuming it is such.
  3. Report Type: Other Player In-Game Name: [NG] The Grim Reaper Your In-Game Name: [EMS CMD-02] Wumpus Situation: I received a call as medic and as I pulled up near the body, before I had even seen another person, gotten out of my car, or heard anyone say anything, I began taking gunshots near my vehicle, I backed away slowly to see if the shots would follow my vehicle and ensure they were at me and there was no longer a gunfight happening, and the shots continued to follow me. Even when I was 10+ meters away I was still taking shots that were ricocheting off of my vehicle. I crossed the road, stopped taking shots, and as soon as I turned around, before even making up my mind to cross the road again, or turn right and leave I took another shot that ricocheted off the ground right next to my vehicle. Before I crossed the road I received a message saying "dnr on the LPC kids" (which isn't against the rules but I just want people to know that isn't how DNR is properly given to EMS, and orders given like that will be ignored, to give DNR someone must be on scene of the body and say do not revive in direct chat). I was trying to find out who was shooting at me so I could talk to them and tell them what they were doing was wrong, but I kept taking shots and couldn't find them. Eventually I got out of my vehicle, and immediately spotted Grim Reaper with a suppressed rifle sitting on the hill from where the shots were coming from, and he was looking straight at me. Afterwards he ran down to Heli landing, so I drove up to him to correct him and tell him that he can't just blindly shoot towards a medic, but he insisted that he was just shooting at the body (even though shots continued to follow me and ricochet off of my vehicle when I was 10+ meters away from the body), so eventually I told him just to watch himself and his friends, and make sure they don't do it again, but before I could even finish he just said "Throw something up I am done talking to you" and ran off. Why Should the Player be Banned? The player has been on the server way long enough to know exactly what he was doing was wrong, just as you can't fire warning shots, you can't fire shots at a medic expecting it to be taken as "dnr", ESPECIALLY without ever saying a word to the medic, or warning them to leave the area in the first place. The only circumstance a medic should be shot is if they are not following direct orders, even if DNR through text was considered to be DNR, I took shots before ever receiving a message. They know what they did, and they know it was wrong. Evidence: Given to a staff member. Additional Comments and Information: Evidence given to Paul in help room. pls no shoot medics
  4. RDM Report - [EAL] Wadu Hek - Denied

    Denied Despite there being only 3 seconds given to respond, the officer originally fired upon clearly continued walking towards Wadu with a weapon drawn after hearing the words "hands up or be engaged" loud and clear right next to him.
  6. Why isn't the server on A3launcher anymore?

    Odd, to be frank I am not sure why it isn't appearing if it had previously. While this may be a minor inconvenience, our server doesn't use mods and therefore doesn't require the use of A3Launcher to get in, as @Baducca said in a previous comment, you can connect directly to the server using the following IP and 'Port': IP: Port: 2302
  7. Glitch that has been really annoying me lately

    Howdy Matierre, thanks for the report, but we need a proper description of the bug, and what you were doing before you encountered the bug (did you log off after capturing, etc). Any evidence would be preferable. In the future, if you encounter a bug, send a detailed report of what the bug is, how you think it happens, everything you did before and after the encounter, as well as any evidence of the bug you may have to s1k or another staff member, or post it in the appropriate section on the forums (Help desk is probably the best place).
  8. Trolling Appeal - Ameno - Thumper / ThumperTheRabbit - Resolved

    Resolved. Your ban has been lowered to a 1 week from today. You would be directly unbanned right now, had you not decided to make the attempt to evade your ban. People don't like it when you join their channels playing soundboards, regardless of volume. It's common sense. If you want to use a soundboard in TS, do it in your own private channel. Don't use soundboards in public channels, and don't join other people's channels playing them without consent either.
  9. Tbh I was expecting something like Lil Windex to be playing over this (my mind has been trained to associate the word "montage" with lil windex), but no, and I am happy lol Thank you Also, just to add on to this collection of classic vietnam era rock for more montages, Woolly Bully is a good song so is going up the country Anyone want to go for a magic carpet ride?
  10. Fail Roleplay Report - [BIC] Cano - Denied

    Report denied. Although it is possible it is due to the waking up (from being knocked out) animation, your character did lay down and turn towards him, while playing an animation equivalent to pulling a weapon out. I see no reason he shouldn't have believed you could be trying to pull a weapon on him, therefore that part of this report is denied. I have sent a message to the player(s) involved informing/warning them of the proper initiation guideline for only 2 gangs, and up to 3 named additional units support. In case that message was not received in game, they have been tagged in this response. @Darion Cano Thank you for submitting a report, and have a great day.
  11. Fail Roleplay Report - Jack Burton - Resolved