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  1. Selling Toast Hat

  2. Locked. Awaiting Review.
  3. This is my favorite and most satisfying way of taking helis down. (not intentially AU btw)
  4. Well considering Locke was trying to fight the bfoot in the beginning and not the guy with the launcher, its pretty hard
  5. Not hard to shoot a heli with a launcher
  6. Wong's Introduction.

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Topic Locked. Awaiting Review
  8. Top 10 Most Wanted Issues

    It should still just be a few seconds or so because i get that sometimes where i can click the button but it won't react for a bit.
  9. Top 10 Most Wanted Issues

    It freezes like coby said for a few seconds but in that time where its frozen pressing anything won't work. Just gotta wait it out