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  1. APD Press Release - House Raid

    Then you realize that's only one of his houses #Boonkgang #Slaughtergang
  2. Looking for a Son - Applications

    Hello, I'm looking for a son for my ex ex Wife Enda and I, we already have two children @Beatsy and @Kodiak, but we're looking for someone with more promise to give our millions to before we rot into the fucking grave. So if you'd like to apply to be our son, tell us a few things about yourself and answer a few questions. Name: Aspirations: Profession: Hobbies: If you're pro RP or pro RDM: How many genders are there?: Do you like the cops?: Comp or ban: Are you a weeb?: Does Beatsy have a mic?: Have you been banned?: Permed?: Toxic?: Are you in book gang?: Your current meme: Do you get montage clips?: Picture of your dankest meme: Best of luck to you all, and I hope to have one of you lovely applicants as a son, make me proud. <3
  3. Ace Bravo - 17 - CA App - Accepted

    Walked with me through the snow, why isn't he admin? +5
  4. Randy BoBandy - 17 - CA App - Accepted

    +1, Randy is extremely easy to talk to and makes sure everyone is having a laugh and feels good.
  5. Skrrtskrrt - 17 - CA App -Denied

    Wow, this soon turned into a drama fest, eh? Well, let's get this straight, you don't have to be Cop/Medic to have a good chance at CA, just turns out that most people who've been here for an extended period of time shift over from Rebel into Cop/Medic to change things up a bit. Sure, be it you're now atoned to every side of the spectrum giving you insight on everyone point of view, but regardless it's still easy enough for a rebel to become a CA. As for the comments concerning the APD/Rebel feud, it's a video game, we're role-playing rebels and police, of course we don't have the most positive interaction, so let's not let that cloud our judgement here. Lowkey kind of triggering to see a bunch of people come to a CA app to spread negativity, sure you're expressing your concerns, but it's nothing server staff doesn't already know about. SkrrtSkrrt personally I understand you're here having fun and you're playing the part you're given, it makes sense, as for whether you'd be good as server staff or not is beyond me, I've interacted with you a lot ingame and it's always something different, but never completely negative, we've had laughs, and we've had fights, but it's all good fun in the end. And let's not throw shade at our server staff by hinting at their "Bias", if you've actually known many of the server staff and talked to them, you realize many of them were rebels in big gangs at some point, they know what it's like to be you guys, they're not stupid so let's get over that shit, eh? Best of luck getting accpected SkrrtSkrrt. <3
  6. That's one sexy Christmas Tree, tee-bee-hache.
  7. Best Montage on Easy's tbh
  8. John - 19 - CA App - Accepted

    +1, He does an excellent job as a Lt. And has the social skills to be a great CA
  9. Batmans Resignation

    You mother fucker the city still needs you, you can't leave us. I'm sorry to see you go, and I hope I gave you some great memories man, and best of luck in whatever you choose to do. Stay in touch and play games homie. I'll miss you <3
  10. Remember Dusty, if you ever need someone to come rescue you out of Basic, gimmie a call. And thank you for your service and best of luck out there man, stay awesome. <3
  11. Welcome Chief Duckhunter!

    Congrats DuckHunter, and thank you Barb for being an awesome Chief.