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  1. I don't Know

    I know you aint talking about me (his squad).
  2. Its spelled wrong either way lmao, its really spelled Ascension, i just spell it Ascention for some reason.
  3. [EVENT] C8Gaming Altis 4v4 Event

    fucking kri mane
  4. In-Game Name: Ascention Usual Name: Ascention Player ID: 76561198014780559 Type of Ban: Trolling Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Somewhat Ban Message / Reason: (BattlEye: Admin Ban ([Coby] Nick_Troll_Perm_Coby)) Your Story: I was in ts messing around with my friend Thumper and I said "im going to beat yo ass nih" when there was a staff member in the channel, i didnt want to finish what i said because i assumed if i didnt say the whole thing i would not get banned but i was wrong. I got banned for Racism in TS after by Coby, I was pretty upset about the incident so i messaged Coby about it asking him about why i was banned and it was clear that i was in the wrong. I want to play on this server with my friends and have some fun i didnt mean to offend anyone in the channel that heard me saying what i said, I gave it some time to put this appeal in because it took me some time to realize what i have done and that i want to come back to this server one day, i am sorry and i just want to play on here. Evidence: none Additional Comments and Information: IM SORRY
  5. Rainbow Six Siege - ElaAshMainTage #4

    Played them both and they are both about even tbh takes skill on both games to be good but my 4k hours on arma definitely helps a lot.
  6. Leave constructive feedback please! Thanks everyone of this amazing community <3
  7. Every op is better for there own things there is not necessarily an op that is crazy over the other ones, just the player that is playing them tbh. Also if ops were "Op" why doesn't everyone want to play the "op" ones because most of the time in ranked i pick ash / ela i rarely get a comment back. Also people like me like having a very fast paced play style which i why i like using speed 3 to move around the map quickly, and you are saying "talk to me when you get an ace with IQ" but the funny thing is I wasn't talking to you.... So with that being said if you want to leave constructive feedback go for it if your going to be a dick no point in being in this thread / commenting. My mains are- Attack- Ash, Hibana Defend- Bandit, Ela, Cav, and Jager
  8. Play rainbow six siege tbh unless if your wang is small of course.
  9. Fixed shit quality for the most part finally just needed to make custom render settings. Enjoy and give some feedback and free views by clicking on the video. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!