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  1. See what you did there, you just contradicted your small monkey.
  2. Pooler is a god so i'm going to have to disagree you mongo and at least his first clip wasn't him shooting one guy out with a rook whole mag point blank.
  3. Better place for combat activities

    I was just simply pointing why it should be added never said you didn't care about your community, wasn't trying to look like an ass, and wasn't trying to be a cuck. I stated everything I said in a nice way. But hey, if you want to go and make a comment like this to me go for it. In my eyes i don't see a point in me talking part in this arguement anymore so this will be my last comment
  4. Better place for combat activities

    No disrespect here but, if you have tried all of these said things than why not give this one a chance and try it out. With the votes and comments that i see on this tread mostly all of the active community would enjoy this idea and think it should be in this server for that reason, you're community wants this. I think that just because the community thinks it would be great, it should be put in. In your eyes you might think in some ways this will not change anything but everyone votes yes for a reason and they want this, atleast to try it. Nothing bad will come out of this so i don't see why not just add it for the players to have fun with it. This is true nothing is guaranteed, it might not reduce it at all who knows. I was just pointing out that it could do that. On the upside think about it, you will be adding something for the rebels to enjoy, more fun i don't see who would not want that. Have a great day thanks for tuning in! -Nick
  5. Better place for combat activities

    I agree thanks for your input!
  6. Better place for combat activities

    Completely agree with you!
  7. Better place for combat activities

    Thanks for the feedback, comes a long way!
  8. Better place for combat activities

    That would be a good idea but that would take too much work and i'm sure he doesn't have the time to do that. In this case it would not take long since i can show suggestions of where and what it will look like, this is why i brought this up. Should not take long to make and everyone will enjoy it!
  9. Better place for combat activities

    If this happens the big gangs will be giving kavala back to the rightful owners the roleplayers, and it gives us big gangs fun!!! to me just sounds like less bans and less work for staff as well, what a reliever.
  10. Better place for combat activities

    Very true forgot to add that, lawless does have no purpose atm
  11. As you may know if you want to fight another gang most of the time you end up meeting in kavala and causing trouble that this server does not need. I think if we have a set place for combat the kavala role-play experience would be a whole lot better for who enjoys it. The bigger gangs need something to enjoy as well and i think this is the way to do so. In my opinion we need to have something in the lawless zone that is capable and highly competitive possibly with a bigger payout once you get it. (There needs to be a reason to want to go here to cap for your gang, maybe 4 payouts like usual but you have a chance to get up to 500k). This capping system should be if your gang dies on the cap the other gang will be controlling it therefor if you want your payouts somebody will have to stay there. (This can be changed just an idea). I do not think we should implement the same Cartels as Olympus maybe have our own thing like that in a diff location down there. If you like this idea like + comment on this post your opinion. If any Admins+ are interested in this idea i will be more than happy to make the set place with all of it features on editor and show you. This will also add a lot more of a strategic feeling to the server because it will be hard for the other gang to take it over and you may need a plan to take it from the rival gang.
  12. Party Dusty's Going Away party!

    Boonkenhiemer will most definitely be taking part in this!!
  13. Your a complete boonkenhiemer for killing the guy with his hands up.
  14. Kodak black- Roll in peace

    Stop spamming you boonkenhiemer