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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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  1. RDM Report - NeckYourself

    Report Resolved.
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - [CSG] El-Twiddy

    Added to your bank Success! 150000 has been added to 1 player's bank with the PlayerID: 76561198105652771
  3. Other Appeal - Beatsy / Beatsy

    Appeal Accepted.
  4. Exploiting / Glitching Appeal - StetlerPC / StetlerPC

    Appeal Denied.
  5. Other Appeal - scotty shields / N/A

    Appeal Accepted.
  6. Vehicle Comp Request - [TFA] Spark

    It has been returned to your garage.
  7. Hacking / Cheating Appeal - Shadow / Shadow

    Sorry, Hacking/Cheating is something we will never unban for.
  8. Server Issue Comp Request - Bobby

    Added to your bank Success! 750000 has been added to 1 player's bank with the PlayerID: 76561198252515404
  9. Loathe - White Hot

  10. Gear Comp Request - [CSG] Lucas

    While that video does show a valid NLR break it does not show you losing anything that makes this request for comp valid. If you have a longer video of you losing items then feel free to post it, if not then this request will be denied.
  11. Vehicle Comp Request - Spike

    That's a client-side issue, which we do not comp for. If you wish to prevent that error, validate your game files through steam.
  12. Vehicle Comp Request - [EAL] Joker

    Added to your bank Success! 110000 has been added to 1 player's bank with the PlayerID: 76561198063927508
  13. Other Appeal - [TFA] Final / Final

    Appeal Accepted.
  14. Vehicle Comp Request - [CSG] MATTHEW

    It has been added to your garage.