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  1. @Dusty We joined the same 2 communities cause they were both the best of the Altis Life communities! I will try to send you information about the status of Star Citizen while you are at camp. Hopefully 3.0 releases to live before you leave though.
  2. Skrrtskrrt is selling guns.

    I want all of them. Let me know where your house is and I will meet you there.
  3. Barrys part was better.
  4. Air Traffic Control [ATC]

    I fly in real life and would love to see some sort of ATC that I would have to communicate with. I would also enjoy playing as an ATC as well. It would add another Life RP experience that doesn't require shooting people or getting shot at constantly. I think the best way to solve the communication issue, if possible, would be to make players who want to fly legally sign into a system that adds them to a temporary group. Then a custom channel becomes their communication tool where only those that are signed in can communicate. If an ATC is on, then they have to listen to that ATC give them instructions for the main airport. If no ATC is on, then they should just communicate with each other like at a non tower airfield. To get players to fly more if this is implemented, a system of high paying legal transportation missions could be added that have to be completed by plane. Once an ATC is logged in(special medic or cop slot) the missions will unlock and they have to go to the main airport to start them. They will then complete the delivery at one of the other small airfields and fly back to the main airport to pick up another. If they break flight rules or are not logged into the flyer system(illegal flyer), they can be charged by the police and potentially be barred from legally flying for short time if the issue is serious enough.
  5. Who needs to fly jets ingame when.....

    I hate flying out of or around major airports. I like my flight school cause its at a private airfield.
  6. The current rule - Support(snipers, vehicles) must be initiated outside 100m for both sidesWhy it does not work properly -How to fix it - When 1 side announces outside support, it should automatically be initiated for both partiesHow it will improve roleplay - This may make people rethink initiating outside support because that would initiate it for everyone.How it will make things easier - "In your opinion, will it create more to learn - NoWhat are the potential negative consequences - None
  7. Anyone check out TC - Wildlands?

    Great video. I might have to look at getting it once I have some money...
  8. No armed vehicles or planes are insurable.
  9. [UAR] Karl - 20 - CA App

  10. Saving the scientist!

    Nice job on the video. Great editing. You managed to remove most the technical difficulties besides that last one...
  11. The APD and their helicopters

    Please reread my post because you must have missed a big part of it. The hellcat was pulled to disable a strider. That is the only reason it was pulled. Edit: Nm, people dont seem to understand what a MRAP is. A MRAP is a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, aka armored vehicles like Hunters, Striders and Ifrits.
  12. The APD and their helicopters

    The heli was not pulled for a gas station robbery. I jumped in TS and asked how Kavala was. The officers said it was aids and asked for help. They told me the situation and told me about the mrap. After checking to see that no f2s were available, I hopped on, pulled the heli and flew to the ao where I found the yellow strider. I chased it north msr trying to decide wether to engage it or not. When he messaged the cops claiming to have a hostage I decided I didnt want to bother with it so I left and returned to the original scene. While flying back to hq I spotted a guy on top of wifi shooting at cops and called out his location. I checked around the area to make sure there were no more armored vehicles and then I landed at PD and joined the clean up crew with a hatchback. Never fired a single shot, never even realized the gas station was being robbed. It didnt concern me due to the fact that I was in the air for 1 job, disable the strider if need be. Not sure how this can be considered an excessive use of an air vehicle, hell I even allowed the strider to go free when I could have been perfectly fine disabling it. Maybe if AT didnt 1 shot everything we could use that instead. Until that changes this is the best way to go.
  13. The APD and their helicopters

    Was the hellcat already up in the air before I connected, or was it right after I connected? Did the hellcat ever fire on anything in that situation?
  14. The APD and their helicopters

    Do you know who was flying the hellcat? And did the hellcat ever fire at all?
  15. RDM Report - [AMC] tubonga

    Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: [AMC] tubonga Your In-Game Name: [2-10] Hohh20 (Cop) Situation: Multiple situations: 1. I hear gunshots and pull up to a situation. I walk over to tubonga to ask whats going on and get killed without initiation. I never successfully said anything to him cause I was in vehicle channel. x1 RDM 2. After hearing gunshots and finding tubonga at construction, I chased him with only sirens initiated until he crashed. Went up on the hill to watch him while we waited for back up and got sprayed down without initiation. x2 RDM Why Should the Player be Banned? Rules were broken. Evidence: Full 5 mins provided for proof of non initiation. 1. http://plays.tv/video/585ec8a644d1d9e5e1/-amc-tubonga-rdm-without-initiation- - Situation occurs from 3:50 to the end. 2. http://plays.tv/video/585ed6ac6844df3714/-amc-tubonga-rdmx2-without-initiation- - Situation occurs from 2:45 to the end. Additional Comments and Information: