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  1. Welcome Chief Duckhunter!

    Hello all! After two years on the APD I have made the decision to step down as Chief as I no longer have the time to dedicate to running the APD as is required of me. It was a difficult position but many of you more active members of the community have noticed that I have not been in game as much as much as I would like. The Chief of police should maintain an active presence across the board to encourage others to do the same. Since I am no longer able to lead by example, I made the decision to step down. I will remain an active admin, and expect some cool new stuff down the line! With that being said, please welcome Chief Duckhunter!
  2. Armed Air Vehicles

    I gotta say honestly when I'm in a war between gangs, sitting in a bush with my AK waiting for the perfect shot I get far more of a thrill than spraying an area they might be in with 24 HE rockets. As rebels on an Altis Life server, the idea is to simulate rebellious/terrorist groups similar to real world terrorist cells. I don't know about you but when was the last time Al Qaeda had reliable access to purchase fully armed attack aircraft and fighter jets, let alone have the training to operate them. Yes, Altis life is also about warfare but you don't need a kajman with 24 skyfires to simulate warfare, especially in a roleplay friendly manner. The entire point of the vehicles being available at all is a show of status not functionality. They're not supposed to be fair and it's intentional that 500k worth of gear can bring down a 15 mill vehicle. If you could easily defend yourself in such aircraft, you would be unstoppable and all we would end up with is gangs rolling round in kajmans robbing people trying to do apples. Don't try and tell me it wouldn't happen, I've seen it first hand. Basically the usage of a kajman is all bark with no bite. If you want to bite, use strategy, intelligence, tactics, a few AK's and a titan AA for good measure just in case and trust me when I say this; you will have so much more fun if you wipe the cops with nothing but a bunch of katibas instead of strafing the fed with a kajman. It's funny to watch but it gets old real quick and the gimmick wears off. Faster for the cops too. The APD can't respond to a gas station robbery with a wipeout, so try challenging yourselves and do a fed with just some rifles on a fair playing field and over time you'll start to notice some changes. Firstly, the cops will actually enjoy fighting against you. If you make it a fair fight every time, they're going to enjoy coming to fight you at the fed or in kavala which means they're less likely to just not respond to you, leaving you with nothing to do. Secondly, you'll enjoy yourselves more. Winning a one sided massacre isn't fun for anybody. You might get a kick out of it and giggle among yourselves about "dude the cops are so trash at this game, we just wipes all 10 cops with a kajman" but I know for a fact you wish you'd actually have a challenge for once, and that starts with you. TLDR: You don't need skyfires or armed vehicles to have fun. Try it. You'll thank me.
  3. Greenzone Violation Appeal - Jackson / Alex

    Appeal accepted. Do not squander this opportunity. We do not take these things lightly.
  4. Greenzone Violation Report - Smoke purp

    This video does not show the individuals name, nor does it show who the owner of the vehicle is so there is no way to prove it wasn't his vehicle to begin with, nor who it was who stole the ghillie suit. Report Denied
  5. Fail Roleplay Report - Anime Tiddy - Resolved

    Resolved. If you need comp for your gear, submit a comp request with a link to this report as evidence
  6. Other Report - Anime Tiddy

    This community is not PG rated. Shit talking is a part of playing on an altis life server and the chat logs provided show just that; some light hearted shit talking, not severe enough to warrant a ban. The RDM will be handled seperately. Report Denied
  7. RDM Report - Gungho - Resolved

  8. Any cops or civilians that enter this area can be killed on sight. (This doesn't include players running down main roads, or driving through). He wasn't geared he was unarmed. He didn't come up behind your prowler, he was running down the main road over 100m away when he was shot. He stopped because you had several armed rebels pointing weapons at him. Anyone in their right mind would turn around and walk away, and the temporary red zone rule applies throughout. The ban will remain until the next server restart, after that you will be able to log back on under the premise that no more of these kavala redzone roadblocks come from TFA again. Kavala is a place to RP with other players, not an arena to merc everyone in sight.
  9. As it states, duping is a permanent ban offense and not one we consider unbanning for under any circumstances. Appeal Denied
  10. This exploit has been fixed internally and will be patched in the next update. As to the player report, since there are multiple reasons as to why someone would drop all the guns on the ground, this one report is not sufficient enough to warrant a ban, however if it continues and the player is clearly intentionally doing this to prevent anyone else from getting the gear, please do not hesitate to submit another report. Report Denied
  11. VDM Report - Croatia

    The VDM rule that you are referring to generally only applies when a combatant is not standing against the vehicle. Since you were standing between the two vehicles it's not possible to tell whether it was intentional to blow up the vehicles or a simple missed rocket. Had you been standing a fair distance away from the tempests and he had blown them up it would be a different outcome. However as it stands it's not clear whether he was intentionally aiming at the vehicles or you, so the report is denied.
  12. RDM Appeal - Satan / Satan - Denied

    Whether or not you were at the controls of the account at the time is irrelevant, it was caught breaking a core server rule and was suspended from the server as a result and quite frankly I don't think any admin would believe the "my brother was using my account" claim anymore, I certainly don't. Killing another player inside a greenzone is against the rules at all times. If a player runs to a GZ to avoid being killed report them on the forums. Do not take it upon yourself to exact vigilante justice on your own accord by breaking the server rules yourself. Other players breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to do the same and you are punished just the same. I suggest either increasing security on your account, or take a read of the server rules. Either way; appeal denied
  13. RDM Report - Satan - Resolved

    These 'logs' don't exist. We don't keep track of who initiates on who. You must have 5 or more minutes of video for RDM reports to prove you were not initiated on before entering the greenzone. If you have this, please submit a new report. Report denied
  14. RDM Report - Satan - Resolved