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  1. dont wanna be mean, but u makke me cringe tbh
  2. @jaster good but not as good as me
  3. kinda wish u didnt find that tbh, but that was a pretty fun time bye u nerd
  4. kc was pretty litty tbh. trying to find the video of 5 of us dying in a car crash and screaming, but ive got over 550 playztv videos and it seems browser crashes when i try to find it.
  5. if ur talking about the second one, i didnt die, even though i took a sniper shot.
  6. This is most likely my last montage for quite some time. I've played easys for nearly a year now without breaks. Its been getting boring recently for me and i haven't been having fun. Not sure when im gonna return but i just wanted to finish this last montage for you guys that actually like them. I would like to say thankyou to @Cobyfor being my king, and being a forums roleplayer, also the rest of the staff team and to @s1k for making my time on this server for the most part enjoyable. I went from running some shitty kavala gang called KC, to being in some pretty big gangs with a good bank account, so i've had quite a fun time. You might see me in-game from time to time on some different names, but i wont be regularly playing anymore. Also, incase you wanted to watch my other montages or something heres a playlist. if u have any questions, or just want to criticize my shitty montages go ahead.
  7. Monkeys, Gorrilas, Baboons and Chimps

  8. Best RIP vine compilation ive seen

    6:53, when i get rdm'ed