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  1. Mass Unban and Wipe

    yeah, honestly s1k has said the recode and patches will be out for forever. I remember hearing "patch should be out this weekend" and that was around december. Yet here we are still waiting, i dont think people really care how good the recode is, they just want the server to come back.
  2. uh, im not talking about that, "i made a post awhile ago while the server was dying that the server should do a mass unban". i made it months ago, it was around paragraphs long, and was extremely serious. But instead of people actually being able to talk about somebody just decided to hide it around 1-2 minutes after it was up. Here is what it said. Recently the server population and activity has declined. Probably the worst i’ve ever seen before. I really like this server, i’ve had lots of fun times, and a few bad times but i got over it. I really wouldn’t like the server to just go down because of population reasons, so i came to the conclusion that a mass unban would be the best option. Olympus did a mass unban, but kept some players banned for hacking etc. I think this would be a really good idea to get the server population very steady and high, also attracting new players at the same time. The 2 biggest factions that attract people to Altis Life is Cop and Rebel. I’ve noticed a huge decrease in the amount of rebel activity, and now the server has very few rebel gangs. The only remaining gangs are, AU, NG, and TFA. Obviously there are a few individuals who should stay banned, like hackers, people who make ddos threats or threaten staff. But i feel like there many people would take the chance to come back to the server and act appropriately. Please consider this as i really do think something big needs to happen to revive the server. If possible i would like to speak to @s1k about this. I am in no way trying to say the server is bad or anything, im simply just stating the server needs something to attract new players and bring back the rebel gangs. Thank You for reading this and have a nice day! - Polar (Also, this is a very serious post and i would like if the comments would be solely on the server population issue, and i ask that this thread be kept unlocked for everybody to view and comment on, thnx!) so bad it had to be removed huh.
  3. this is surprising, i made a post awhile ago while the server was dying that the server should do a mass unban, 2 minutes later it got removed, and this isnt. I think people finally realize the server is dead. mass unban couldnt hurt the server, there are a few people that i know who would play on the server if they were unbanned. What is the harm it could do?
  4. Forknife

    please stop
  5. Tv series / movie suggestions

    Agents of Shield, Troy Fall of A City
  6. [EAL] ARMA III Music Video

    lil barnacle, hes got big twinky dinky, u have to vote lil barnacle.
  7. Other Appeal - polar / polar

    In-Game Name: polar Usual Name: polar Player ID: 76561198286233199 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? yeah probably like 3 times now Ban Message / Reason: shoutbox ban Your Story: Its been a month or two since anybody has said anything, and its obvious that lots of people are just too scared to ask, so i asked when the recode/patch is coming in shoutbox, and got banned for like the 3rd time. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/0d0c19c97bb577fd2149e4a158cfbe41 Additional Comments and Information: i just wanna know when patch is coming
  8. Guerillas spotted in the jungle?

    i would have to disagree with you disagreeing with jaster, back then as far as i started playing from January 2017 up until October 2017 there were quite a few gangs, in the past i'd say 6-8 months there has been a population problem and there were no more gangs, it was just friends and its most likely going to stay like that unless something changes on the server with the population and people with money. Gangs arent really a thing anymore, its just Rebels.