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  1. Forums Dislike Button

    +1, perfect opportunity to dislike two post's
  2. Forums Dislike Button

    actually yea
  3. So recently on the forums there have been some new cool updates for reacting to a post but the main problem we face is we can't dislike half the aids that is posted. This isn't some 'troll Betsy post' but a serious suggestion since there's no actual place to put suggestions. Let me know what you guys think-
  4. You're the new meme.

    1. Coby


      The best meme.

    2. Betsy


      where's the dislike button

  5. rip beatsy

  6. 8/25 Mass Releases

    I dont know if any of you keep up with rap but some fire ass shit is dropping tn XXXTentacion - 17 Madeintyo - True's World A$AP MOB - Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 Lil Uzi Vert - LUV is rage 2 Lil Pump Tape (Maybe, not confirmed but not really a fan so meh) Features on ASAP's shit is insane, Uzi better live up to hype
  7. we all know the biggest meme comes when he tries to take it off at north rebel #GarbagePilot
  8. Betsy Meme Video

    lol thanks bro
  9. New CPU :D

    must be nice to get a solid 15 frames in kavala not. y ou fuckin pleb. tf is that shit.
  10. Betsy Meme Video

    as some of you may know I am a professional memer. Today, sadly, I came across my latest meme.
  11. Air Traffic Control [ATC]

    "you're clear to take off from north rebel"
  12. Buying a New PC

    Honestly pick your parts yourself, I made the same mistake you would make by buying a PC and compromising certain things. I got a strong CPU for Arma but got shafted with a 1gb GTX 750 - You can pay the extra 20$ for graphics card and risk the HDD space but really why would you need to upgrade your PC when you just bought it.... Don't make the same mistake I did lol, Pick Your Parts! what I bought for ~$900- i7-4970k, GTX 750 (1gb), 8gb ram, 2tb HDD