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  1. Welcome! You must be here because you are an up and coming fisherman who would like to up his game and catch some bigger game. Well, you've come to the right place. This will be a step by step guide on how to deep sea fish. Step 1 The first step is to obtain the supplies to go on this adventure. You will need some fishing supplies, storage, and transportation. Fishing Supplies The fishing supplies you will need are located at "Island Master Bait and Tackle" located in Kavala north of the Police HQ. At "Island Master Bait and Tackle" you will need to purchase the following: 1. A fishing pole ($50) (ATTENTION!!! Do not purchase the reinforced fishing pole or it will not work) 2. Nightcrawler Lure ($125) (I recommend getting a couple because your line could snap) Storage By storage I mean personal storage such as a backpack. You can purchase a backpack at any clothing store in any city. I personally recommend the Carryall Backpack ($2,000) because it has the highest carrying capacity. Transportation The transportation you will need in this case is a boat. You are able to purchase a boat at any boat shop along the coast of Altis. In order to purchase and operate a boat you will need to purchase a Boating License ($1,000) at any available DMV. The boat that I personally recommend because it is the fastest and has a very high capacity is the RHIB ($25,000) Step 2 The second step is traveling to the location to deep sea fish. Location The locations you can deep sea fish are designated on your map as "Game Fish". There are 3 locations that you are able to deep sea fish at. Those are: 1. The first location is located directly off the west coast of Altis. 2. The second location is located somewhat of the south-west coast of Altis. 3. The third location is located in the middle body of water off the west coast of Pygros. You will then travel to one of these locations on your boat after purchasing all the required materials. Step 3 The third step in deep sea fishing is selling the fish you have caught. You are able to sell them at any location marked as "Fish Market" on the map. There are several locations located all throughout Altis. The location of "Fish Markets" nearest to each fishing zone is. 1. The "Fish Market" located nearest to the first location is on the west coast of the city of Kavala. 2. The "Fish Market" located nearest to the second location is also the one located in Kavala. 3. The "Fish Market" located nearest to the third location is located on the west coast of the city of Pygros. After selling all that fish make sure you deposit the cash into an ATM so that you don't lose all your hard work. I hope that this was helpful for all of you that were curious on how to do this. Pictures of the locations will be coming soon!!! This is the first version.
  2. For those wanting to get into the fun of grow ops, this is a simple guide to show you how to do so. Step 1: Head on over to your local grow shop (There's one located in Kavala and Pyrgos) The Kavala one is located as shown The Pyrgos one is located as shown Step 2: Once you're here you'll need to pick up your starting tools You'll need the following One Steel Shovel ($75) One Cover Net ($1,000) One Gas Generator ($10,000) One to four Grow Lights ($10,000 to $40,000) Step 3: Once you've rounded up your tools it's time to head over to the seed supply store (You'll need your Smugglers License to purchase things from these shops) Three seeds are offered here Weed Seeds ($1,000 Per Seed) - These seeds when grown produce un-processed Weed (Master Kush) Coca Seeds ($15,000 Per Seed - These seeds when grown produce un-processed Cocaine Opium Seeds ($25,000 Per Seed) - These seeds when grown produce un-processed heroin Step 4: After gathering your tools and seeds you'll need to find a flat plot of land away from everyone, especially the police! Step 5: After finding a plot to call yours simply follow along below to get your grow-op setup and booming! Firstly, use your shovel to clear the grass away Secondly, set up your cover net Thirdly, you'll want to set down your gas generator Fourthly, you'll need to place down however many grow lights you bought Finally, you'll plant your seed and be on your way to becoming a drug lord! Step 6: After waiting for your plants to grow, collect your un-processed drug and head off to the processor! Step 7: Profit
  3. The Fisherman's Guide to the Seas Updated on 9/9/2017 - A guide on how to fish - Hello! My name is Wumpus, and on my free time I like to fish. I recently discovered that I could sell these fish and make mulaa. Mulaa is a cool term for money. Now I know many of us struggle to make money here on the crime-ridden lands of Altis, and my personal belief is that fishing is a super fun, great way to make some spending cash. All from the comfort of the first clothes you ever bought on the server. You should make anywhere from $200-300k or more per run of fish. - Required Gear and Vehicles - Um.. All you really need is uh.. a backpack and a boat. 1. You can wear whatever backpack you want. 2. You can use all boats, the cheapest boat is the Assault boat (looks like a Zodiac), however the RHIB carries the most. The RHIB does require the Apex DLC, and will make a larger dent in your bank account. So basically you can start fishing the moment you join the game, and it only takes about $5k to begin your career. - Steps - After rounding up your gear, you can go and begin fishing. 1. Buy a boat. 2. Sail your boat out anywhere into the ocean, I typically hang around in either of the Kavala bay's, the ones with the large blue fishing vessels in them. 3. Scroll wheel when stopped, going 0km/h. 4. Click "Drop Fishing Net" 5. The fishing net will come back up, and whatever fish you catch will show up in your Y inventory. 6. Hit T, and put all the fish in your inventory into the inventory of the boat. 7. Rinse and repeat steps 3 through 6 until boat is full. 8. When the boat is filled, take it to the Fish Market on the Northern Kavala beach, just next to Kastro (the Castle). 9. Unload your boat into your Y inventory and run back and forth until you sell all the fish. - Tips - A few tips that can help you get a better catch! 1. All fish caught are physically visible, you will be able to see into the water and see the fish below you, so you can move around in the water until you find a larger pod of fish. 2. You can sell fish at Joe's Crab Shack as well. 3. You can also go on shellfish runs (King Crab, Shrimp, etc.) which requires you to be in a specific area, and a shellfish license.
  4. Farming Guide to farming LSD

    Items you will need 20k For a LSD processing license A transport vehicle of your choice either ground or air with lots of "Y" or "T" menu space Tips Trucks like a tempest/zamak etc hold more but take longer to do the run as you haft to drive across the map, Helis are a lot faster but don't pay out as well in the end as they store less items. Running any drug and selling will cause the market to crash for the drug you sell, but the prices for other drugs go up tons, So you could run that afterwards for bonus cash The processing zone and drug dealer you haft to enter are Kill on sight, So having a weapon or doing it with multiple friends/gang members with guns will help you succeed if people are trying to rob/ kill you If you are very new to the server with not much money, I suggest doing some legal runs to get you going. tutorials for Legal/safe runs will be on these forums eventually