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  1. For those wanting to revert back to a previous version of Arma 3 for whatever reason this is a simple guide to show you how to do so. Step 1: Head on over to Arma 3 in your Steam library then right click it and click on "Properties" Step 2: When the window appears click on the Betas tab. Step 3: Where you're prompted to enter a beta access code enter "Arma3Legacy168" and click Check Code. Step 4: Select the Legacy Version from the the tab above check code and you're all good to go! Note: If you're seeking older versions then swap the ending "168" of "Arma3Legacy168" with the desired game version.
  2. I want to start out by saying, I only have a basic understanding of how to create custom skins. Therefore, that's all I can pass on to you (the barebone basics)... In a nutshell (without all the proper technical jargon) here are the steps to creating a custom texture: (Prestep 1: download necessary software ) 1: Dig through folders to find the one texture file we want to edit (#muchfrustration) 2: Convert special texture file to a format we can edit easily 3: Draw pretty pictures on our editable texture 4: Use wizardry and button mashing to preview skin in ARMA Editor 5: Repeat step 3 & 4 until satisfied 6: Convert our custom texture back to the special format 7 (optional): Give custom texture to someone who knows what the f**k they're doing so it can be used on multiplayer =p Okay, if I lost you there this may not be for you... If you're rip-roarin n' ready to go let's move on to the more technical version (or at least the best I can do)! Software There are three things you'll need: 1. PBOManager This will let us open pbo's and look for the .paa files we want to edit. https://tinyurl.com/k9zfcpc 2. TexView2 TexView2 is a texture viewer & conversion tool that will let us convert .paa files to .png files. (TV2 is included in a suite of tools but you can choose to install ONLY TexView2 in the installer) https://tinyurl.com/l6s8jwt 3. GIMP Any image manipulation software will do but I personally suggest Gimp since it's free. https://www.gimp.org/ Finding & Converting Textures Since I'm sure you don't want to create a texture from scratch we'll find the existing texture and make changes to that (after converting it). 1. Locating Textures Inside of your Arma 3 folder, there should be a folder called Addons. We're after the PBO files. This can be extremely frustrating since you cannot just search for files by name. You'll have to manually dig though each PBO opening up all the sub-folders in each until you find the .paa file you're looking for. I'll be using the offroad as an example throughout this guide. The white offroad texture can be found in the "soft_f" PBO (soft_f? wtf? lol you're not alone) 2. Previewing & Converting Textures Using TexView 2 we can view and convert .paa files. Here's the white offroad: If we want to edit this we'll have to convert it into a format that we can use in our image manipulation program. Click on "File" then "Save As..." Choose your save location, name it (end it with ".png"), then click save. Arma 3 Editor Unless you want to make 'blind edits' you'll have to do some work in the A3 editor and I can almost guarantee you'll want to make changes after seeing your 'skin' on a 3D model. 1. Saving a Scenario Open Arma, then the editor (I prefer using virtual reality until I want to see the skinned 'thing' in a specific environment). Place down two of the same object you want to re-skin and a playable character (why two? I'll get to that a little later). Click on "Scenario" then save it. 2. Scenario Save Location By default, your scenarios should save into your "Documents" folder. Inside of your Documents locate the "Arma 3 - Other Profiles" Folder. Click on the folder with the name of the profile you're using then open the "missions" folder. Wamo! There's your scenario. 3. Commands Once we've made some custom textures we'll be using this command to apply them to models in the editor. objectname setObjectTexture [0, "texturename.jpeg"]; The italic white bits are things that will change but the blue bits will always be the same. Editing the Texture Time to let your creativity shine! What are you envisioning? I'm thinking a pepe meme mobile... (sorry no tutorial on using the editing software) 1. Full Spectrum Gradient To make accurate changes we have to know how the 2D texture is mapped to the 3D model. To do this we'll just apply a full saturation spectrum gradient over our texture and apply it to the second object (ohhh that's why there are two). Export this as a .jpeg to your scenario's save folder 2. Apply Gradient Pick one of the two objects then double click on it to open up the attributes panel. In the initialization field type in "this" (since it refers to the object currently being edited) followed by "setobjecttexture [0,". Now in quotes type in the name of the file that has your gradient texture (make sure you include the file extension .jpeg). End it all with "];". If you did this right you can go into singleplayer and you'll see your rainbow of an object. 3. Using the Gradient Okay, now we have an object that would fit right in at a gay pride rally but how does this help us? Take this door for example: The handle is a different color than the door. Therefore the handle is not with the door on the 2D texture. Using the orangish color we can narrow down where to search for the part. Ah ha! There they are. This method can be used to find very small parts with relative ease when they aren't where we'd expect them to be. 4. Edit Now go ahead and use your artistic abilities to the max here! I won't be covering techniques on how to use the editing program but I'd be willing to if there was enough demand. As you can see I have taken all the white body panels work and replaced it with our Meme Lord Pepe. Export your skin as a .jpeg to your scenario's save folder Previewing & Revisions Depending on your project you may make as many as 70+ revisions. (You may want to set Arma to a windowed mode now) 1. Naming & Commands Just like when we applied the Gradient we are going to use our 'Set Object Texture' command to apply our newly made skin. Since we are probably going to be making multiple changes and tweaks to our texture, we are going to use the debug console to execute our commands instead of the object's initialization field. First we have to give the object (variable) a name. Do this in the attributes panel. (I've named mine "OF1") Next, jump into the single player and press the Escape key. You should see the Debug console. In the Execute field type in what you named your object (in my case OF1) followed by "setobjecttexture [0,". Now in quotes type in the name of your custom texture (Mine is PepeMobile.jpeg). End it all with "];". If you press the "LOCAL EXEC" button your skin should have been applied. 2. Naming & Commands If you decide to make an edit go back to your image editing software, make the changes, then export the revised version to your scenario's save location with a different name. Example: Version 1: PepeMobile.jpeg Command: OF1 setobjecttexture [0, "PepeMobile.jpeg"]; Version 2: PepeMobile1.jpeg Command: OF1 setobjecttexture [0, "PepeMobile1.jpeg"]; Version 3: PepeMobile2.jpeg Command: OF1 setobjecttexture [0, "PepeMobile2.jpeg"]; Etcetera Etcetera... Back to .paa So you're happy with your custom skin... Time to convert it 1. Save as .png You've been editing the .png that you converted earlier and been exporting as .jpeg for Arma. Now you're going to export your final version as a .png file (TexView 2 can't work with jpegs). 2. Convert to .paa Open up TexView 2, click on "file", then "Open...". Locate the .png version of your finalized texture and double click. There it is in all it's glory! Now "File", choose a location, name it (ending with .paa), then click "Save As...". Bam! Well, looks like you've reached the end... -Josh
  3. This video will show you how to change the Field Of View in Arma 3. Link to FOV calculator: http://hia3.com/tools/ArmA_3_wide-angle_FOV_calculator_online_by_Hi,A3.htm What an FOV of 120 looks like: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851338727741021/7CE356D97F427E22A4A8F8FF9760E5ADEEB65E34/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|1024:576&composite-to%3D*%2C*|1024%3A576&background-color=black Forgot to add in video, you also need to go to file and save the changes before it will work in game.
  4. If you are ever asked to fully reinstall Arma 3 or to do a Clean Install, here's how! (Please note, you will lose all profiles, settings, keybinds, etc): Reboot your PC before doing this and don't open Arma or it's launchers after doing so. Open a Windows Explorer File Browser and in the navigation bar enter %localappdata% and hit your enter key. Delete or move the folders "Arma 3", "Arma 3 Launcher" and "Bohemia_Interactive". Open a Windows Explorer File Browser and in the navigation bar enter %userprofile%/documents . Delete or move the folders "Arma 3" and "Arma 3 - Other Profiles". Open steam and go to the properties of Arma 3. Under "Local Files", "BROWSE LOCAL FILES...". Go up a directory so you can see the "Arma 3 Folder". Delete or move the "Arma 3 Folder". Close your Explorer Windows and in Steam's Arma 3 Properties "UNINSTALL GAME...". Once the game is uninstalled, you make want to check your steamapps/common folder to make sure "Arma 3" is still gone. You also want to uninstall or delete any Hex editors, Cheat engine, ArmaSync or other mod installers / steam workshop arma 3 mod subscriptions / launchers / managers you may have on your pc to be safe. Now reboot your PC and reinstall Arma 3 in steam. Once you've reinstalled to know you've done it right you should have no profiles in Arma 3 except the default one.
  5. Occasionally Bohemia Interactive Studios (Arma developers) will release a new .exe binary in an attempt to solve ongoing problems such as memory leaks or performance issues. When those release S1k' (server owner/dev) will typically post a link in the shoutbox, that takes you to download it. I have been approached before with someone asking me how to install it into Arma, so I made a video. Before watching, take into notice that it can be installed in 2 different ways, depending on where your MAIN arma 3 install/directory location is. If it is not located in one, move on to the other in the timestamps in the description Binary as of: 2/8/2017 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kz54oh1kgnzgrcw/arma3 - 2-7-17 - Performance Binary.zip?dl=0 (I will do my best to update this link in posts below, as I get the links to new ones)
  6. I tried to figure out the paint n spray, asked while in game (with 100 peeps on), and have searched the forums. I used the billboard with my truck close, used the windows key, and everything else I could think of and could not get the paint n spray by Kavala to do anything but store a vehicle. Could we get a quick how-to on using these for us new folk?
  7. Aquirement of EMS/APD on the server may require your PlayerID, so that you can be whitelisted. In this tutorial I will give you a quite brief guide on how to retrieve it. For those who need a written guide: 1. Open Arma 3 to the main menu. 2. Move your mouse cursor to the rop right where it shows the human figure. Click on it. 3. A box with your profile name will appear, click on that. 4. Select the ORIGINAL profile you had when you first got the game (this will be the un-deleteable/renameable profile) 5. Select "UNIT" and then select "EDIT" 6. Highlight the PLAYER ID and hit [CTRL+C] to copy it. [CTRL+V] will then paste it. For those who like videos that show what the written guide states: Now that you have it, it would be a smart idea to update it onto your profile, that way you don't have to go and manually get it in game each time you need it. Here are the steps to do so: 1. Click on your profile picture in the top left of the website below the "C8Gaming" title. 2. You will then see a header and a slot for a profile pic, go to the top right corner of the header and click "Edit Profile" 3. Under "Contact and Game info" paste in your PlayerID next to where it says "Player ID" (self explanatory, really.) BOOM! Now you're done! Quite simple, wasn't it?
  8. General What Should I Post Here?

    This forum is a spot for the community to post tutorials on stuff they believe new players should know and that they feel would help players better understand how to play in the server. If you post something extremely detailed or well done it may even become an official tutorial with your name noted on it for your help. When you post, please choose the correct prefix to help players identify and sort through the topics posted: