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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/

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  1. Universal Rebel Initiation

    Stop and surrender or be engaged by [gang name/names] support, we have P07, 4-Five .45, Rook-40, Zubr .45, ACP-C2 .45, Vermin, Sting, PDW2000, MX, MX 3GL, MXC, Katiba, Katiba GL, Katiba Carbine, MK20, TRG-21, TRG-20, SDAR, MXM, Rahim, Mk18 ABR, Mk-1 EMR, MAR-10, Cyrus, ASP-1 Kir, Mk14, M320 LRR, GM6 Lynx, MX SW, Zafir, Mk200, SPMG, NAVID, PCML, Titan MPRL, Titan MPRL Compact, RPG-42, AH-99 Blackfoot, UH-80 Ghost-Hawk, AH-164 Wipeout, Ifrit HMG, Ifrit GMG, PO-30 Orca, Mi-48 Kajman, To-199 Neophron, Strider HMG, Strider GMG, WY-55 Hellcat, A-143 Buzzard. Feel free to add to this list.
  2. Well guys things have been heated between the Rebels and APD for a very long time, and that's what it's meant to be like, that's the role-play device that we all use in-game. We all understand the role of these two sides, but things at times get a little... well Toxic to say the least. And no one side is truly at fault, that much is certain. We all have our views of rebels and police, and both police and rebel's have differing views but you'd be wrong to think that some either fully agree with their side, and completely deny the other. I want to fix some of the more toxic interaction between APD and Rebels. And not just by asking everyone to be submissive and friendly with one another without any violence, that'd be too much to ask, and it wouldn't give dynamic. So, where to begin.. Many of you on the server know me quite well, both rebel and APD. I've played on both sides and must say I enjoy both of them very much, police for it's strict more "into it" feel, and rebel for it's laid back anything at anytime game-play. Let's face it many of us APD members play both sides, and many rebels wish for the same opportunity as well. Yet, being both I'm not extremely loyal to one side, where I don't understand the views of the other, trust me I understand everyone's concerns on both Rebel and APD. I'm going to list some issues I see growing in between us, and try to help you all see the median. 1. Understanding Crime and ticketing: Rebel's first things first, I understand your frustration with how you're treated by some officers time to time, it does get annoying being picked on by a force more organized, larger, and much more capable (Not saying rebel gangs aren't, just not at the scale of the APD) but you are playing as the bad guy, you're doing illegal things which you aren't forced to do, but you do them at risk of dealing with the APD. This doesn't excuse the APD of treating you unfair at times, but realize that you have to work with us. If you run around constantly committing crimes, but are caught with your pants down one time, you expect us to bend over backwards for you (and hell no while you already have your pants down ) but realize you won't always win even if you do work with us, but we can make it easier for you, and we can surely make it a lot more fun for you. Role-playing with us for one will get you a discount on tickets with most officers, no doubt. And if you're nice and compliant with us, we aren't doing to treat you in any different way ourselves, you will be helped, discounted. Police, yes you enforce the law, that doesn't mean bend the rebels over and spank them with the fucking book, for fucks sake, they're trying to have fun as well. If a rebel is nice and compliant, that should already give him a small break, and if he role-plays, and even greater break when it comes to ticketing. Be understanding of the things they're doing in game, don't snag them every time you can for even the smallest reasons, It's not fun being pulled over, questioned, told to drop this and drop that, arrest them here and arrest them there for whatever little small thing. You see a guy with a gun at heli landing? He's transporting from vehicle to vehicle most of the time, just let it slide. Rebel has a weapon that's illegal but fits in his backpack? Tell him to put in there.. No need to arrest him and seize it and ticket him if you could just make it easy. 2. Gun fights: Rebels, I need to understand this very carefully. WE DON'T ALWAYS WANT TO SHOOT YOU. Many rebels like to pride themselves on the thought that they give the APD gun fights in which they strive for. If I wanted to shoot other players, I'd get my ass off Role-play and go play wasteland or something, honestly. We don't always want you causing mass havoc so that we can shoot a few shots. If you think we don't get a lot of action through the day, you're wrong, sometimes a bit overwhelmed by everything going on. And if you gang thinks "well, If I'm not shooting you who will?" I don't know, maybe one of the other 40 unique players we see that engage us all the time. If you do it off of a role-play situation, understood, but if you're coming to Kavala to gun fight with cops, we don't want any, go play something else or fight other gangs at a server mission. You can walk away with dying as well, honestly, role-play it out and we can let you walk away... maybe a gun seizure but that's about it... sometimes... Police, It's sad to say it, but some of you are giving the rebels a bad impression, by treating so many situations as "hostile only" you're giving them idea that this is what we always want. Talk the rebels out of dangerous situations, and if they don't comply after all your chances you give and all the ways out, then they just want to fight, give them what they want. But there is no reason we can't talk shit out, we're suppose to same lives, keep peace, for all people, good and bad. If you feel edgy on your trigger, please go join half the off-duty officers on exile, koth, or wasteland, I'm sure you'll find something to shoot. Also, we don't always have to win, you aren't hired and told "You best get the fuck in there and either come out victorious or in a goddamn body bag" no, you can lose to the rebels, and accept it, it happens. 3. Grouping and Judging peoples: Rebels, this is something I'm a little sick of to be honest.. "I'm not going to role-play with you because Officer John Doe was an ass too me" Am I John Doe? Why are you assuming I'm the same way? No, every officer is obviously different, were not semi-intelligent monkeys controlled by Barbosa, yet. You'll never know how nice and lenient some of us can be if you don't try, just calling us cunts, pigs, mean, strict, robots, ass holes, won't solve anything your complaining about. Try officers out and get to know how the treat people and yourself, you'll learn that we aren't all the same . I realize why this happens though, we're human and we group people when they act, do, and are apart of something in a similar fashion, and realize that police do this slightly if you're gang is constantly seen doing illegal activity and complaining. I.E Gang One constantly robs gas stations and kills police, but are one time apprehended by police and expect that Officers One who's been seeing this constantly will be lenient with your charges, no, you'll most likely be charged for the max amount and getting him on the head with everything they is able to be given depending on the situation. Realize this isn't the police being cunts, it's them teaching you a lesson, expect it's something some of you never seem to learn and will make other problems to try and "solve". Police, no all rebels are the same guys, because Random Rebel one and random rebel two are apart of Rebel Gang One, doesn't mean they both act the same way in situations. Don't just assume how they're going to act and how the constantly act (did you just assume my gender!?!?!) some rebel are awesome when it comes to role-playing compared to their gang members. 4. Understanding Play styles: Rebels, you have to understand that it is difficult being a cop, many of you think it's easy and you get free money "blah blah blah", but we don't play like you guys do. Role-play to us is everything, and gun fights is at the very lowest. We love trying to talk with you and try different styles of cops sometimes to make it interesting, but sometimes we never get to do that. Our play style isn't easy. You have server rules, we have server rules and SOP's which effect what we can and cannot do, and when to and when not to do these certain things. We are held to a higher standard being that many are long time players and the selection process to get into the APD. We aren't like you where you have free rain to do whatever you please, we have a code to follow. Police, rebel play styles are always differing, sometimes some rebels would like to play as the vigilante, and it's okay for them to do it as long as they role play it correctly (Not just to have your weapon drawn at all times and to "apprehend" people you find suspicious) but to help police in certain situations whether it's entirely needed or not. Also, some rebels play as more of a gang fashion where their soul objective isn't to cause havoc and kill others, but to make money and try not getting caught, and others who play as real rebels and try to fight the system, and battle police and government. Try to understand these different play styles to better interaction with these people and not treat them all the same. 5. Punishment: Rebels, I know you think that police officers found breaking server rules will not be punished, and is something frequently brought up among-st the rebel community, and you're incorrect. This issue kind of angers me that you assume your server staff is bias towards one group.. when it's their job to not be bias. Police officers are subject to all punishments server rule based, and will be dealt with accordingly, it's just most likely you, the common rebel will never know the situation was dealt with. Police, rebels are subject to all punishments for breaking server rules, and are to follow them to the fully. If you are unaware of a rule, ask one of our lovely staff members. In all most of these points listed above are a big problem to many police and rebels, and I'm glad if me bringing them up here today on this post have clarified thinks for you a bit and helped you understand the other side a little more. I'm not pointing out anyone in general in this post either, it's just a general feeling from many members of both sides. I don't wish for this topic to anger or upset anyone, and I don't wish for this open topic to turn into a salt fest. Feel free to post any comments, questions, concerns in the comments below, or feel free to message me, I'll probably be editing this topic a bit from the week it was posted. But, I really do hope that this topic sorts things out between the rebel and APD. Remember, I'm not asking for all of us on the server to be friends (but we can if you want too <3 ), but just to understand and respect each other, we see each other very often, we're almost like co-works honestly, so live with each other and deal with one another and try to be as non-toxic as possible, for me <3. Easy's is a wonderful community and is full of wonderful people (thought at times you all have your aids moments ), but I just want us to be a community together, not at each others throats, Love you all, until you piss me off hugs and kisses, Wolfey. <3 Oh, and sorry for the complete aids typing at points, AM NOOOTE VURY SMERT WIT DA WURDS, forgive my terrible typing skills. <3
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