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  1. Dear C8 Community, I apologize for the long wait, but I bring good news: The Kavala Times is back! The Times as a whole has been restructured and reformatted and so should help provide everyone with a fun, entertaining and enjoyable read on the forums. First of all, lets introduce our new Executive Team: Starting with myself, the Head. I am in charge of all operations and I am responsible for the overall performance of the Kavala Times. Davey Jones is the Deputy Head and he assists myself in managing and maintaining the organisation as a whole. Diovin Twigg is the Leader of the Editorial Division, he is responsible for the division that edits all of the submissions and formats them into separate articles, that can then be collated into one issue. Randy BoBandy is the Leader of the Journalism Division, and is responsible for all of the journalists completing some form of written, visual or other media that can be implemented into the issue. We also have a new feature to the Times, which we would like to announce. Previously, in order to submit articles for publishing, you were required to be apart of the Kavala Times. Now, any member of the community may submit any article, photo, video or artwork which can be reviewed and potentially included in one of our issues! The organisation as a whole is currently recruiting in all areas, including written journalism, photo media (screenshots, photos, videos, artwork), and any other area that interests you! As a basic requirement, all applicants must have been active within the C8 Gaming community for at least 2 weeks, and this includes the forums. If you are interested in recruitment, please contact anybody above! All information about the Kavala Times can be found here. If you have any questions, concerns, queries or interests in the Kavala Times, feel free to contact myself or any other executive via Teamspeak or Forum PM. I hope that this can add something new to the community and can be something that has a friendly, fun, cool and entertaining value. - Sharkbait
  2. So the next DLC is being released on September 12th. Looks like there are a few really cool additions. You can pick it up on steam here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/571710/ I was VERY surprised at the content offered here, i was expecting something completely different to be honest. I really like the ambulance and possibilities for the medics, also some of the new props will be cool. I personally would LOVE if BIS would release Shotguns, MotorCycles, and more Civilian Vehicles, all the way from a beater hippie van to a Lamborghini type sports car, any vehicle additions would be cool imo. Life servers make up 75% of the entire arma player base, you'd think they would cater a bit more to us. =/. Anyways, what do you guys think? - And what in a perfect world should this DLC have in it in your opinion??? Below i posted from steam what is offered in the DLC. Explore a different perspective on the battlefield with the addition of a humanitarian faction, van, drone, mini-campaign, and much more, in the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC. Charity A portion of the proceeds from direct sales of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC in 2017 will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The total amount raised will be announced on www.bistudio.com in 2018. Key Features International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) - This new faction, IDAP, is a non-governmental organization which is specialized in rapidly responding to humanitarian disasters. The faction is composed of new IDAP-branded clothing and gear, including outfits for specialized roles such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists, as well as many other tools, supplies, and other items. "Remnants of War" Mini-Campaign - Take on the role of IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade, who is tasked with identifying and deactivating mines after the war in the Republic of Altis & Stratis has ended. While you are being interviewed by an investigative journalist, you will uncover what happened in the town of Oreokastro, experiencing the events from the perspective of various sides, in recollections that span multiple periods of time. Van - IDAP makes use of a new van, which comes in multiple variants, with over twenty custom liveries in total. Each variant caters to a specific purpose, such as cargo logistics or the transport of people. There is also an ambulance variant available. Utility & Demining Drone - IDAP has a new drone at its disposal to be able to quickly move cargo or supplies to a specific location. A special variant of the drone is used as part of IDAP's demining operations. APERS Mine Dispenser - The APERS Mine Dispenser is an effective but controversial area denial weapon system. It is typically only used in desperate situations, and can have devastating effects even long after a conflict has ended. Vests, Bags, Headgear & Facewear - Various pieces of new gear are available to help you carry out your duties. This includes safety vests, messenger bags, hard hats and press helmets, ear protectors, safety goggles, and much more. Additional Content - The Laws of War DLC adds a variety of miscellaneous additional content, such as time trial challenges for the new van and drone, a paramedic outfit, and a training mine. Platform Update The Arma 3 Laws of War DLC is supported by a major Arma 3 platform update, featuring new content and feature extensions. The platform update is free for all owners of Arma 3. Supporting Feature Extensions Cluster Strikes & UXO - Refined cluster strikes provide a highly destructive form of warfare, while the newly introduced simulation of Unexploded Ordnance means that some cluster bomblets might not explode upon impact. Mines - Several improvements to the identifying and clearing of mines (and other explosives) make for a more manual process, with a greater emphasis on the Mine Detector tool. Leaflets - You can now drop informational pamphlets from the sky using the new Utility Drone, which can then be picked up and read by people on the ground. You can also apply your own leaflet designs to your own custom scenarios. LOAC - New additions to the Field Manual cover the Laws of Armed Conflict, while small tweaks to the Arma 3 sandbox also improve the in-game representation of LOAC. Supporting Content Showcases IDAP & Laws of War - Two new individual scenarios offer an introduction to the DLC's new faction and topic. In Showcase IDAP, you visit one of the organization's open days on Altis. while in Showcase Laws of War you take part in an IDAP training course. Additional IDAP Content - In support of their operations, IDAP has access to emergency and medical supplies, such as cardboard boxes, food sacks, water bottle packages, blankets, stretchers, IV bags, body bags, and more. Cluster Bombs - Deploy three new faction-specific cluster munitions from aircraft, but also deal with unexploded ordnance that may be left behind afterwards. Decorative Objects - On top of IDAP-specific props, several new decorative objects are available, including shelter tents, separate floor canvases, new furniture, an air-conditioning unit, and plastic net fences. Official Soundtrack - Listen to new music tracks composed specifically for this DLC. Steam Achievements - Unlock a set of extra Steam Achievements related to the new content.
  3. 5/21/17 Patch - A Few Adjustments - added item icons to vehicle and housing virtual inventory - pretty huge economy overhaul (i pulled this one out of nowhere tbh, lol, but you guys will love it) - where some items like for hunting and fishing would only pay 100-200 per unit they now pay thousands per unit in some cases. Check out the ingame market for updated prices. Drug prices have been raised dramatically along with everything from fruit to mineral mining. Even plutonium and uranium went up a bit <3. ### The Logic ### - lots of new fun toys to play with, certain economical tasks have become stagnant - this should get people out there farming some new things and enjoying the newfound profits at the same time! - added a second "empty" or "fake" shipwreck - reduced the amount of mediocre loot that can spawn in the shipwrecks - increased the amount of good loots that can spawn in the shipwreck. - 3 min cooldown on organ stealing (it should work - untested) - fixed quick service of chopper (untested) - patched the quick gun switch animation glitch people have been shadily doing. - fixed the kajman that still had dagrs (oops! <3) - The new APC's i added now have their turrets removed ### The Logic ### - Now rebels can RP that the vehicle is for protective use and or transport and not get pulled over for the guns on top, cops of course can still request no military vehicles in cities as they always have. - took a quick shot at giving you guys more view distance and some more weather adjustments to remove fog. - patched an exploitation of shipwrecks As always, thank you for playing on the server and being a part of the community, everyone is appreciated equally here! I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! We should have another good patch in a few days!
  4. So I've had this problem pretty much ever since i started playing Easy's. Whenever i join usually the first couple of times i get a black screen with a few words saying, "Passing EAL Code From Server To Client". I usually was able to re log a couple of times and finally spawn in, but I've noticed after we started having more and more people on the server the problem got worse. Especially the last few days, i have been able to spawn in after usually 5-8 attempts (not exaggerating) and it's kind of getting old and annoying. I was wondering if there is any fix to this or if its a server side thing. In addition to this recent problem of mine, i have also been getting kicked after 3-5 minutes of playing and every time i finally get to spawn in it just happens again. It is a battlEye kick so I was told that it might be a client issue, but ill list everything i have tried. Things I have tried: Verifying game files Restarting game Restarting computer Changing slots Re logging Checking internet connection I appreciate any help i can get. Thanks, -Hancock/Orion
  5. So, i'm sure many of you are wondering what lies ahead in the future for good ol' EAL - which is now known as c8, c8G, or c8Gaming. You can expect tons of great content, new fresh game changing features, and more of a focus on making the community happy, and perpetuating the chill atmosphere that got us here in the first place. I along with our awesome staff am very committed to this server and community and am proud of what we've been able to achieve over the last 3 years, as a community, as a team, and even at times it feels almost even as a family. I'd like to spend the next years doing this as my hobby while i get more serious about unity/unreal engines and mobile game development. So the server ideally isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm very interested in setting up a mod server with custom content sometime in the near future, and getting into some other game modes as well, like exile. As the staff knows i've been talking quite a bit lately about making my own mod and at this point its just a matter of time really. Patches in the near future will have the following features - Halloween(this month)/Holiday Event Madness - Vehicle Customization - Experience/Leveling System - Bank's - Single Player Mission System - Perc System - Bounty Hunters - Opfor Integration - Stock Market - More civilian jobs - Fire Fighters - Huge EMS improvements and Enhancements - Channel 7 News Enhancements/Re-vamp - And so, SO, sooo, much more....