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Found 7 results

  1. Oi, tryna sell 1 Kavala GZ house, out of the two I own, you pick which one you desire to buy... Starting price for the House [Big, White] is $15,000,000 - Reasoning ~ More in an open area, more visible, easier to get seen and hit by the cops, rebels can't hit you, and you have to be very secretive to get caught by cops, be-careful and you're fine from cops AND rebels. https://prnt.sc/gu65xi https://prnt.sc/gu662y https://prnt.sc/gu667x https://prnt.sc/gu66cr https://prnt.sc/gu66g7 https://prnt.sc/gu66oh https://prnt.sc/gu66t5 Luxurious view of Kastro's ever so famously used and toured castle. Starting price for the House [White] is 20,000,000 - Reasoning ~ More in a closed area, way less visible and discrete from the MSR, while still maintaining a good location, close to the garage for when you spawn here, rebels can't hit you since it's in a Kavala GZ, and you have if you're careful, cops won't spot you loading stuff in and out of your newly founded house. https://prnt.sc/gu69z1 https://prnt.sc/gu6a2a https://prnt.sc/gu6a7r https://prnt.sc/gu6abr No promises I will actually sell it if it doesn't look too hot to be bought.
  2. The word luxurious signals that a home’s finishes and amenities are high end. This house is the definition of luxurious. This small, stone-grey home is built for a cozy stay at Kavala Square. Drink some Pints of beer, or do some drugs! The possibilities are endless when you are in a green zone. Home, at last, AM I RIGHT? This house also has a nice, stone wall built by the finest Altis engineers. Also, has planted trees that were placed by Malden Community Service! *planted in 2008 The house also has a very nice location! As it is very close to Kavala garage for your nearest access to transportation! Enjoy your stay and relax in Kavala Square! AUCTION WILL END ON FRIDAY, 10/6/17. HIGHEST BIDDER WINS. BID BELOW FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! (No fake bids, bid what you have and are willing to pay.)
  3. I recently bought this house and when i try to put down storage crates it does not let me. I can access the inventory but nothing show up inside of it. PM me for video.
  4. Hi, so I recently bought a storage crate for my house and when I had deployed it it said it had been deployed but when I went to the inventory of my house it never said that I had space to put items in it. And about a minute or two after I try and access the house inventory it doesn't give me the option to open the inventory anymore. I don't want to have to buy another one cause the crate glitched out. And yes, I did relog several times and wait till after the restart to see and it still didn't work. What do I do? Could an admin check it out? Player ID: 76561198131760675
  5. Real Estate

    I have been looking for a house the past days and I am wondering why I have to pay 1.5mil for a shack with 1 crate in the middle of nowhere?
  6. Way to Share House?

    Per Title. I've search forum and cant find exact question or answer, but pretty sure its a no. BUT! Can you Permanently give your house key to another player to allow access while original owner is offline, to which it will not be required to do a temporary "Give" of the keys again? If not, maybe admins can hard code keys to another player for a certain house? Again if not possible, is this something you may implement into the future? Thanks guys!
  7. Hello, I would like to know why I am having multiple incidents in which my house real inventory as well as virtual inventory are consistently being reset to a past inventory count. This has occurred on two seperate occasions. I have both videos to present as evidence of lack of syncing the client with the server. Note the up time as well, as there are multitudes of periods in which I am able to sync and I do so. If there is anything else needed to help establish a foothold upon the bug as such, please let me know. Incident 1: Incident 2: